Slackening Property Market in Goa to See a Turn-Around

A recent survey conducted by National Housing Board has presented a grim case for the Indian realty market. In around 22 important markets, property prices have dropped, including the cities that represent India’s new economy: Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune and Delhi. After a whole decade of non-dipping growth which did not seem to have an […]

Used Cars You Should Buy in 2015

The used car market in India is steadily witnessing steady growth and popularity. More and more people are waking up to the benefits offered by used cars over their new counterparts. The West has always had a thriving used car sector but India always lagged behind owing to certain preconceived notions and perceptions that were […]

Which Used Renault Cars You Should Buy?

The Indian used car market is in the throes of an exciting new change. It is steadily becoming a fantastic alternative to the new car market with multiple models, organized markets, dealerships, top brands and overwhelming customer interest. The average used car buyer is very much in touch with automobile market updates and knows what […]