How can you be more creative with the interiors of your home?


You don’t have to spend a fortune on making your home look as good as the houses you see on TV shows. There are tons of cheap and easy ways to turn the interiors of your home into a work of art.

How can you be more creative with the interiors of your home?

When you decide that your home needs some interior remodelling, you might immediately think of how expensive and exhausting it’s going to get. But guess what, Continue Reading

5 Home Décor Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Thing

Home is where the heart is. Choose carefully.


When you’re trying to find the perfect house for rent, you’ll be battling countless others who have the same goal. Desperate times call for desperate measures, eh? You might just be willing to settle for almost anything that you find.

But hold up!

Home is where the heart is. Choose carefully.

The process of picking out the perfect apartment isn’t that cut-and-dry. You’re going to call this place home for the foreseeable future. You want to Continue Reading

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Bike maintenance


Riding a motorcycle is definitely one of the most enjoyable things under the sun. There’s nothing quite like straddling a beautiful machine as you zip down the road on your way to work early in the morning.

The biggest advantage of owning a bike over a car is the insane amount of money that you save on fuel.

Bike maintenance


With just a liter of fuel in your bike, you Continue Reading

Miles Of Justice: Get The Most Out Of Your Bike

Lenovo Yoga Tab


While cell phones these days let us do a lot of things, you can’t always rely on one device for everything that you need to get done.

Apart from the ever-reducing battery life of a cell phone, you also have to make do with smaller-than-ideal screens and painstakingly typing on a small touch-sensitive keyboard.

However, smartphones are a major part of our lives. They have way too many features Continue Reading

Tablet Tales: Best of 2015

Tyler, TX September 2,2008-- A member of the Texas Forest Service moves a batch of MRE (meals ready to eat) in a warehouse in Tyler, in a  The warehouse is being used to handle basic supplies of water and MRE (meals ready to eat) for distribution to residents affected by Hurricane Gustav.  Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA

Everything You Need To Know About Career Opportunities As A Delivery Executive_1

India’s e-commerce industry has been expanding significantly over the last few years. With this large-scale growth, there’s been a rise in the demand for delivery boys.

Our nation’s estimated 354 million Internet-users (as of June 2015) make it the the third largest user base in the world.

For a while now, there’s been a misconception that delivery boys are school dropouts who choose this path out of desperation. This is … Continue Reading

Things to Know About Career Opportunities As A Delivery Boy/Executive

Home Interiors Idea



Beginnings are beautiful. They bring with them the hope of a fresh start. Especially the beginning of a brand new year. A new year brimming with opportunities. Of all the things that you can change for the better. We understand that change can sometimes be daunting. At Quikr, we are constantly working to make it easy for you to change. We want to help you realize your dreams. … Continue Reading

Time To Reinvent Your Home With Quikr

What’s trending in Bangalore?


It is a long journey to tie the thread of vision through ideas and objectivity. But we continue to strive, nonetheless. We are inspired by the lives we hope to change. Rather, we are inspired by the change that you can bring in your life. As we always say, “Aasaan Hai Badalna”. With Quikr by your side, you can make that change happen with ease. With Quikr by your Continue Reading

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Datsun Go in India


Everyone likes a nice family vacation. And if it’s a family road trip then it’s all the more fun. There’s nothing quite like driving around and experiencing new places with the people that matter most.

But this begs the question, ‘which car should you take out on a road trip with your family?’

A sedan is definitely not the right choice, and an SUV is a bit too big … Continue Reading

5 Compact Cars That Are Perfect For The Whole Family

Hiring Delivery Personnel For Your Startup_ Here's What You Need To Look For_1_cover

Delivery boy jobs mainly include on-road work. They act as the final link between the business and the customer. So, hiring the right person to represent your business on the front lines is vital.

With e-commerce steadily gaining ground in India, the need for delivery services in business has increased significantly. In June 2015, it was estimated that India has around 354 million Internet users and several start ups are … Continue Reading

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Certified Electrician for all your woes

Looking for Electrician


Power cuts are like old aunties at weddings. They’re unavoidable, annoying, and find you at the worst possible time.

If you’ve been living in India for a while, you probably have a clear idea of how frustrating load shedding can be. And in some cities, it’s a whole different level of torture to tackle the summer heat without electricity.

As if this isn’t bad enough, power surges after load … Continue Reading

Electrical Woes Getting You Down? Here’s What You Need To ...

Play School for your Kids


Before your kids grow old enough to start going to school, you need to make sure they have something to keep themselves occupied with during the day. Especially in a situation where both parents are working, just hiring a nanny to take care of them isn’t enough.

Young children are full of energy and curiosity and need constant stimulation at all times.

Toys and games can only satiate their … Continue Reading

Help Your Kid Learn Through Play by Choosing the Right ...

Buy Second Hand Cars


So you’ve finally decided to buy yourself a car. Congratulations!

Sure, buying a brand new car has it’s own charm. But if you’re on a budget and you can’t quite get the car that you really want, the smartest move is to go for a second hand car.


Buy Used Cars in India


A lot of people are really apprehensive about buying affordable used cars. But if you do things the right … Continue Reading

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Yamaha R15 Bikes in India


It’s great to see more people going on motorcycle road trips in India. But this country is humongous, and conquering its roads is not an easy task.

First off, you’ll need the right vehicle to carry you all those miles. You can’t just take off on a any bike and hope that it stays in good condition till the end of the journey.

That being said, don’t make your … Continue Reading

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(n) Superb Advantages Of Working As A Delivery Executive_3

Delivery executives are tasked with delivering packages and meeting customers to execute business transactions. They are also known as field executives due to the amount of time they spend traveling from place to place.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a hard and unsatisfying job. In fact, it pays pretty well once you move up the ranks.

(n) Superb Advantages Of Working As A Delivery Executive_1_Cover

The eCommerce industry is booming. With just a click of a button you … Continue Reading

3 Superb Advantages Of Working As A Delivery Boy / ...

Motivate your Employees


Tired of constant fluctuations in the performance level of your employees? Maybe you need to change the way you manage, to ensure that they stay on the ball and productive while at work.

Sure, the occasional slip up may be unavoidable, but if you notice a decline in your employee’s overall productivity, it’s time to make a few changes.

Here’s how.

Keep the Feedback Coming

As often as possible, … Continue Reading

6 Management Hacks That Will Motivate Your Employees