India’s Commercial Real Estate Market Set to Recover

It is time for commercial property owners to rejoice as retail and office segments of commercial properties are going to bring in better rental incomes in the coming months. The improvement in rent can be attributed to the improvement in demand and economic conditions. The formation of a stable central government has shown a sign […]

Why are More Numbers of People Buying Used Cars Over New Ones?

The need to own a car has gone up among most dwellers of urban areas in India. Cars give you freedom of movement as you can go anywhere anytime you feel like. The average car buying age has now come down to 25 years almost which was earlier mid 30s. The transformation has happened solely […]

Tips for NRIs looking to invest in Commercial India Property

Those Non-resident Indians or NRIs wanting to invest in India property currently, the task is quite daunting. The rupee is at an all time low and it seems to NRIs that this is the best time to transfer funds to the country for the purpose of investment. However, the growth story of India is looking […]