5 Home Décor Ideas That Won’t Cost You A Thing 1

You don’t have to spend a fortune on making your home look as good as the houses you see on TV shows. There are tons of cheap and easy ways to turn the interiors of your home into a work of art.
How can you be more creative with the interiors of your home?
When you decide that your home needs some interior remodelling, you might immediately think of how expensive and exhausting it’s going to get. But guess what, you don’t need to take a week off and redo the whole house from scratch.

Well, we at Quikr believe that anyone can become an expert in making the most of those plain white walls or that mundane-looking room.

All You Need Is A Little Color

A little imagination does the trick.

It’s time to take out those leftover paint cans from storage. Just because the walls are already painted does not mean that you can’t make your rooms even more delightful.

A splash of creative color for your walls.

Use the paints to do up the sides of your dresser drawers, the vase that’s missing its shine, and maybe even paint some plates and hang them up on the wall to give your living room that artsy look.

Broken, And Still A Thing Of Beauty

Instead of throwing away broken furniture, household items, and jewellery, bring them back to life using these clever hacks.

  • Broken baby cribs can be used as creative tables for kids. Simply take off one side of the crib, paint the “table top”, and install a few shelves for supplies.
  • Who ever thought shattered pottery and vases had to be thrown away? Add some gold or silver colouring to resin and use this mixture to glue them back together.

Turn broken crockery into a piece of art.

  • Before you toss that broken earring into the trash, think of all the amazing ways that tiny nondescript piece can add to your home décor. Stick a magnet behind the trinket and use it as gaudy fridge bling!

Bling Bling!

  • Nobody wants a cracked photo frame lying around in the house, but don’t throw it away! Tie or stick a couple of strings between the frame and turn it into a kitsch earring holder. This is an undeniably easy way to look chic.

Build your own chic earring holder.

Old Toys Are Now Showpieces

Put stray Lego pieces to some good use.

No more complaints about stepping on stray Lego pieces and old toys cluttering closets. This is the niftiest way of turning your interiors into something that your neighbours won’t stop talking about.

The hands of miniature lego figures are the ideal size to hold small cables in place. Glue these cute little mini figures to the sides of a study table or a TV stand, and marvel at how small things can make a difference in the way your home looks.

You can also use old, worn-out tennis balls as makeshift key or envelope holders. Set them up in convenient places throughout your home.

Quite a conversation starter, don’t you think?

No more ugly-looking wires, no more tangled cables, and no more lost keys.

Use Leftover Wrapping Paper For A Fancy Look

Use gift wrapping paper to add a touch of class to your bookshelf.

Too many leftover gift wrapper rolls in the house after Christmas? Turn that old-looking bookshelf into something interesting by lining it with gift wrap. A few minutes’ work and now the interiors of your room have been elevated.

You’re welcome.

Gift wrap can also be used as placemats, especially for special occasions like parties or casual dinners. Mix and match the gift wrap placemats with your cutlery to liven up the dining table.

A Wall Of Fame

Let your cool hats see the light of the day.

Trendy cowboy hats and those ever-stylish Michael Jackson ones need to be bought every time you see them because, of course, all the cool kids have a bunch. But the sad truth is, we end up amassing these cool-looking, but barely used accessories to gather dust in cupboards.

So, here’s how you can finally put all those hats to good use: jazz up corridor walls by hanging these up. Show off all those fedoras and trilbies by hanging them on nails or individual hooks.

You can also spruce up your wall by turning it into a walk down the memory lane using photographs without the frames. You can arrange them in any shape you’d like or just have fun making a bizarre photo-collage.

Happy reminiscing!

A walk down the memory lane.

Cleaning up and upgrading your interiors gets easier and cheaper with these hacks. Are you ready to go beyond these ideas? Then come check out the various home furnishings and other services that will surely come in handy.

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