Quikr Stands Tall – 8 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us Unconditionally

No brand can reach a great height without people who care. 2015 saw Quikr become the 2nd most trusted e-commerce brand in India according to the Brand Equity Survey. Our continued endeavor is to bring you a safe, credible and trustworthy platform to buy and sell.

Trust Quikr

1. Rest Assured, We Are Handling Inappropriate Ads
We moderate every ad that is displayed on the Quikr platform. Our priority is that we give you a safe buying and selling experience. Our promise is to check every ad for any unsavoury language, defamatory content, and anything else that is inappropriate. We delete such unethical or blacklisted ads. For an elaborate list of what all we check the ads for, please read the Quikr Listing Policy. On a daily basis, we manually check 75000 ads. On an average, we delete over 27,000 ads out of them owing to their unethical or inappropriate content.

2. We Give You The Power To Moderate Unethical Ads 
As a Quikr user, you are our first priority. We aim to address any ads that you find inappropriate. For instance, if you are using the Android App, and you come across an offensive ad, you can just use the “Report Ad” feature on the View Ad page. We will resolve your complaint at the earliest possible.

3. Your Privacy Is Our First Priority 
At Quikr, we aim to empower you to buy and sell without risking your privacy and safety. With QuikrNXT, you can chat with a prospective buyer or seller without sharing your phone number. This is a good time for you to get to know the prospect, evaluate the situation and then decide whether to move ahead or not.

4. We Promise A Risk-Free Platform To Buy & Sell
We verify and ensure that all the users who post ads on Quikr are genuine. We guarantee you a risk free experience when you conduct transactions with other users on Quikr. When a user posts an ad, one of our customer service representatives verifies him either via a call or an OTP. For example – We’ve personally verified the mobile numbers of 90% of the Quikr users who’re active on the Android App.

5. You Can Rely On Our Honest Overview Of Automobiles & Gadgets
When you connect with another Quikr user to purchase an automobile, we inspect it and provide you with an all-rounded Inspection Report. Our goal is to see if there are any inconsistencies between the online description and the actual item. We also ensure that we add any relevant details that the user might have overlooked. Inspection Reports allow you to make a tension free purchase. We also provide a wide range of Quikr approved unboxed mobiles. You’ll never have to worry about quality.

6. We Promise A New Level Of Credibility
You can use the Facebook login to sign in to Quikr. Over 45% of all the users who are logged onto the Quikr App use their Facebook login. You can also add your picture to your user profile to add a sense of authenticity. Not only that, it will also help you attach a sense of trust to other users who do the same.

7. Our Guarantee – Safe & Hassle-free Monetary Transactions
Our payment processing partners use Verisign certified 128-bit encryption technology and are PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified to ensure the security of your payment information (credit / debit card or net banking details). We neither access nor store your payment details – rest assured, your information is safe and risk-free at all times.

8. We Support Our Users – Now & Always
Whatever it is that you might need – we’ll support and help you through it. If you have any questions or a specific situation that you need assistance with, get in touch with our customer service team. You can call us at 080-67364545 or you can even write to us at support@quikr.com.

The relationship that we’ve built over time with you, means a lot to us. Every transaction that you do adds to the pride that we take in serving you. We cherish the loyalty and trust that you have given us. And we work consistently to keep earning that trust and to give you the most reliable, safe and dependable experience at Quikr.


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