Own The Right Credit Card – Here’s How.

Often unfairly maligned for catalyzing impulsive spending, a credit card, in reality, is an essential financial product. Book a flight on short notice, or take on an unexpected medical expense with a credit card in your wallet. However, as easy as the use of credit card may seem, getting the right credit card is not that simple a task. If you are planning to sign up for a credit card, spend some time researching the various options available and pick the one that suits your income and spending habits. Cards with benefits are also available with a niche focus on areas that may be relevant to you.


Choosing the right credit card can be a confusing task. For the uninitiated, all credit cards are pretty much the same, and the differences are perceived only in terms of cash facilities and credit limits. With your job type, residence proof and other basic prerequisites ticked and approved by the bank it is now time to weigh the features before you zero down on your preferred credit card.

Credit Card Fees
Start with the basics – the fees attached to a credit card. The APR or Annual Percentage Rate is an excellent way to start your research. The APR is a late payment fee which comes into play when you spend beyond what you can immediately pay. Late payment penalties can be a dampener at times, and they probably will not be mentioned in detail when the card is being sold to you. Make sure you know the late payment fees of the card you choose. All premkum credit cards come with a much higher annual fee as compared to regular credit cards. One thing to keep in mind is there are no free rides in the world. Similarly, any credit card that offers you extraordinarily great offers is bound to come at a higher annual fee.


Find a Card Made for You
Identify a credit card that’s aligned well with your needs. For frequent travelers, an airmiles credit card is perfect as travel accounts form a large chunk of the credit card spending. Some cards offer incentives and discounts when you buy fuel, so if you drive regularly, a fuel card can benefit you. Rewards credit cards are good if you like to shop. These cards offer rewards points and cashbacks that can be redeemed against a host of goods and services.


How to Build Credit
Credit cards also help build your long-term credit; a feature which if judiciously used will help you secure important loans in future. Paying credit card bills on time and spending withing your allowed credit limit are two definite ways to build a good credit history. Ask your credit card representative about how your credit card usage is recorded and how it helps boost your credit score.

Interest-Free Days
Credit cards often have interest free days which can be confusing if you are not familiar with the feature. Find out how you can capitalize on these interest-free days. Making full repayments within your billing date is the best way to ensure that your interest-free days are being utilized.

Research More
There are n number of unique selling points for different credit cards. Bring it down to a shortlist of the ones you can get easy approval for. Skip the ones that promise you more than you realistically need because there is always a catch – remember that being rational is the most important pre-requisite for owning a rewarding credit card.


Gaining a clear understanding of your current and projected financial situation and consulting a well-informed bank representative will help you choose your perfect card. Look for credit card and financial service providers on QuikrServices to get a neutral perspective on which card suits you the most and enjoy the freedom responsibly.

Own The Right Credit Card - Here's How.
Article Name
Own The Right Credit Card - Here's How.
Often unfairly maligned for catalyzing impulsive spending, a credit card, in reality, is an essential financial product. Book a flight on short notice, or take on an unexpected medical expense with a credit card in your wallet.

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