The Hog Hub – Are You Ready For A Second-hand Bike?

When it comes to making the choice between purchasing a new motorbike or a scooter and a used one, there’s always some research that is required. Good research will tell you about how much either alternative would cost you, what advantages you’d get and the problems with both.  Read further to learn why a pre-owned bike could be the best option for you!

buy a second-hand bike

1. Cost
The most appealing factor in buying a pre-owned motorbike is the cost at which you can procure the bike of your dreams. Sometimes, if you get a good deal, you can spend the rest of the allocated money on modifications or painting the bike to customize it to your taste. Be wary of bikes being sold at too cheap a discount, though, because that might mean more problems with it than you could imagine!

2. Quality
A new bike drops value within the first year or two of purchase, which means that if you buy a bike that’s been used for a year or two, you can get one that would otherwise be very expensive. This means a higher quality bike for very affordable price!

3. Choice
You have the freedom to choose from classic vintage bikes or newer models that you may not have had access to when purchasing a brand new bike. Why buy a look-alike when you can get the original bike for a significant discount?

4. Upgrades
A lot of bike enthusiasts modify their bikes either to up the aesthetic appeal or to improve some metric of performance. When you buy a used bike, it could also come with the added advantage of modifications and installations that improve the performance of the bike and extend its life.

5. Lesser Insurance
The cost of insurance for a used bike is usually less than what you’d pay for a brand new one. This means that your extra cash can go towards other modifications that you’d like your bike to have.

While buying a used bike has plenty of advantages, it just may come with its own set of problems. Keep in mind that a test ride of the bike can change a lot of things for you. Always go for a test ride to see if the bike suits you.

Another choice to make is whether to get your bike from a dealership or a private party. While both have their upsides, it’s important to be thorough with research beforehand to make sure you’re getting the best out of the deal.

Ensure that all the original papers for the bike are still intact and take a look at the service history of the bike to avoid any major problems. Many who advertise their bike for sale as a result of a “small fall” or “dinged exterior” are probably not telling you what the larger problem is, with the bike. Negotiate well so you can get the bike at the lowest price possible but don’t bargain yourself out of the bike of your dreams.


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