Say Cheese! But Not Before You Have The Right Camera

Photography is a beautiful thing. How else would you instantly capture beautiful vistas, fleeting beauty, and your friends in the most embarrassing moments of their lives?

As you would’ve guessed, the right equipment can make all the difference in the world. Ever tried eating noodles with a spoon? So you need the right camera. How do you go about finding it?

When looking to buy a camera, you have to look at the different types of cameras that are available to you (so that your phone can finally focus exclusively on selfies and Instagram posts).

1. The Compact Cam
The most popular choice among the masses, this camera is easy to use and offers picture-perfect shots at a moment’s notice. Point-and-shoot cameras, or compact cameras, are meant to be carried around in purses or pockets, which is why budding photographers love them.

compact camera for photography

These cameras are affordably priced, portable, and allow you to capture anything you think is share worthy simply by pointing and shooting.

2. The DSLR
Anyone who’s ever used a DSLR would know that a lot of cutting-edge technology goes into making these cameras – they aren’t exactly pocket sized.


If you’re a rookie photographer, you can just flip the switch to ‘automatic’ and start clicking away. But, if you know your way around the DSLR camera’s various settings, you can manually change the zoom lenses, focus, exposure, and shutter speed.

3. The Compact System Camera
Now, if you want the clarity that comes with a DSLR, but would rather not lug around a big camera while exploring and experiencing the world, consider a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.


If you want a compact digital camera that serves you well as you make your way towards being a full-fledged photographer, this would serve you well.

What To Look For
What you’re going to do with the camera changes what could be the best camera out there for you.

An adventure junkie looking to capture a breathtaking dawn and a professional photographer with an eye for urban beauty will need different things from their cameras of choice.

  • Weight And Portability: Running around shooting pictures with a heavy camera could be the death of you. Carefully consider your needs and choose wisely when it comes to weight and portability.
  • The Right Price: Yes, bargains are nice when you’re shopping for clothes and shoes. When it comes to cameras though, not so much. You need quality, and quality sometimes comes with a big price tag.
  • Review: After you know what you want, or at least think you do, read reviews of it. You can’t believe everything a couple of brochures tells you. So, take your search to the people who know best – the people who actually use the product.

While the choice of equipment is an almost inseparable part of any photograph, the person behind the lens can make a huge difference. Keep pushing the boundaries of this beautiful art form.

Say cheese!


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