The Quikr Scrub Guide – How To Clean Your Kitchen Chimney

The oil stains, the curry spills and the inevitable dust are some of the things that you must often clean from your kitchen equipment. And one of the more challenging things to clean is your kitchen chimney.

kitchen chimneyA kitchen chimney is rather complex to clean and something that we willingly procrastinate doing! Here are some tips to help you finally get to the task:

The Surface

Dunk a paper towel enough so it is moist, and clean the outer surface of the chimney until all the stains are removed. The hood, the part near the ceiling, and every nook and corner should be paid attention to.

You might want to apply just a little bit of soap water to get rid of the more stubborn stains – a couple of brushes should be enough. As the paper towel blackens, you know it is getting cleaned.

Chimney Cleaning Services

Once this is done, wipe it with a clean cloth. If you observe that dirt needs to be removed, then repeat the process with baking soda, which is a powerful ingredient for all kinds of stains. Once wiped with a dry cloth, it should look shiny and clear.


Each type of filter requires a unique way of cleaning. The double-layered chimney filters are tougher to clean. Here, a detergent could do wonders.

Warm water could act as a catalyst and expedite the cleaning process. Ideally,  one should clean the kitchen every week before even more dirt accumulates. If possible, remove the hood attachments on the inner surface of the chimney and clean them before you put them back. This could aid in cleaning every small part of the filter.

If you have to clean the filter separately, then fill a tub with hot water and baking soda. Immerse the filters into this tub, and let them remain in there for a few minutes. After some time, you could scrub the filters gently to remove all the oily grime and dust particles, and add more detergent or soap solution, if required. With very little effort, you could get rid of the stains on the filter with this method. Alternatively, adding lemon juice to the solution also helps.

Alternatively, as an effective ingredient, you could also consider vinegar. Its strong properties will help remove the stains properly.

Types of Chimneys

If you are using one of those high-end chimneys, you wouldn’t require so much effort.  A simple soap solution would suffice. Besides, the current chimneys have an auto feature that saves much time. Just activate the right option and then you will have peace of mind followed by minimal cleaning.

If you are using a charcoal filter, after extensive use, it will change color and that’s when you would have to replace it.

Other Options?

In addition to the above, you could sign up for annual cleaning schedules or quarterly or anything that’s required for your chimney – given your choice of brand. There are certain difficult spots on the chimney that only a professional could clean. Leave that to the service staff who will visit when you call them!



Article Name
The Quikr Scrub Guide To Clean Your Kitchen Chimney
A kitchen chimney is rather complex to clean and something that we willingly procrastinate doing! Here are some tips to help you finally get to the task.

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