Gold For Old – 6 Tips To Get The Best Price For Your Bike


The moment is here – you’ve finally decided to get yourself a new bike and say a (heartfelt) goodbye to your old one. Maybe you need the money, or maybe you just want a change of pace.

Sell your old ride to make way for a new one.

Whatever the reason, selling your bike is a tricky business. Most buyers are notorious price hagglers, and bike deals are no exception. What you need is some helpful information on how to get the best price for your used ride.

Selling your trusty old partner-in-crime is as simple as avoiding the common pitfalls made by sellers. Here are a few handy tips on how to achieve a successful sale.


Image Is Everything

You can write the greatest words on your ‘for sale’ ad, but none of them will have as big an impact as a few good photographs. When it comes to posting a successful ad, a good picture is half the battle won.

You have access to great digital cameras and convenient cell phone cameras, so there’s simply no excuse for posting a blurred, unflattering image that doesn’t show anything clearly. The first thing on anybody’s mind when they see such a picture is “are they hiding something?”.

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Post images that clearly show the features of your bike from multiple angles. Never, ever select blurry out-of-focus images.

Make sure the background is free of clutter; potential buyers may subconsciously dismiss it because of the junk. A simple background that draws attention to your bike works best.

While we’re on the subject of great images…


Looks Matter Too

No one wants to buy a bike that looks dusty and careworn. In addition to looking unappealing, it also gives the impression that you haven’t maintained your vehicle with care.

Whether it’s a sporty bike or a daily-travelling budget commuter, a freshly washed look always adds to its appeal.

Extra points for cleanliness.

A few hours of hard work with some water and some wax (if you have it) can boost your bike’s market value considerably.


Your Ad Title

When you post an ad online, you should know that the title is integral to the sale. Getting this right is key to ensuring that people take your ad seriously.

Some people try to get clever with the title and include so much useless information that it becomes unclear as to what’s being sold.

For example “Duke 200 In Perfect Condition For Sale” is much better than “!!!!BeSt BiKe!!!! FoReIgN DeSiGnEd RaCiNg/OfF-rOaD BiKE PeRfEcT FoR InDiAn RoAdS!!!!”. The second type of title is just going to put people off and you won’t get any offers.

A simple, concise title that tells the buyer what the product offers is really all you need here.


Get The Description Right

This is your one shot at telling the buyer everything that they need to know about the bike.

Make sure you include all relevant information like the bike’s ownership and service history, modifications (if any), options and included extras (if any).

Always remember, good writing is a necessity. Not an optional extra. You have about 8 seconds to attract potential buyers, and bad spelling is a no-no.

You don’t need to compose Shakespeare-level love poems about your bike, but a solid information-filled write-up will boost your chances of making a sale.

Feel free to highlight the best features of your bike; this is where you get to really sell it.


Pricing Is Crucial To Your Sale

Everyone who’s ridden a bike feels that it is special. And sometimes, it really is, especially if it is a well-maintained vintage model. Collectors’ items go for very high prices, but other bikes need to be priced properly to ensure sale.

Find comparable bikes for sale and price your vehicle competitively.

No Missing Documents!

Before you go through with the sale, buyers will want to make sure that your bike’s papers are in order. It’s advisable to keep the RC (Registration Certificate), the insurance documentation and the bill of purchase at hand.

If any of these are missing, get a replacement before putting up a ‘for sale’ ad.

Following these tips, you should have no trouble selling off your old bike. Remember the importance of visual appeal, price it right, and make sure that your listing is well written. Especially since the dawn of online classifieds, a good ad makes all the difference.


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