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Beginnings are beautiful. They bring with them the hope of a fresh start. Especially the beginning of a brand new year. A new year brimming with opportunities. Of all the things that you can change for the better. We understand that change can sometimes be daunting. At Quikr, we are constantly working to make it easy for you to change. We want to help you realize your dreams. “Aasaan Hai Badalna” – It’s how we hope to add meaning to your life.


Reinvent your Home


It’s time to give your home the much needed TLC it deserves. Whether it’s about cleanliness in your kitchen or the décor of your living room, you’ve got to bring your a-game. After all, home is where the heart is. So why not improve the surroundings that comfort and define you?


Keep your Kitchen clean


Here are a few things that we thought might be of interest to you –


1. Now That You’re Gone
Who likes an unwanted guest? (Obviously) Nobody. You might think that rodents, cockroaches (and other ungodly crawlers) are only found in seedy motels on the wrong side of the town. Well, we hate to disappoint you but these pests are easily found in residential areas.

You’d think that swatting at a mosquito, or stomping on a cockroach might do the trick. But it won’t really get rid of the root of the problem. If there’s one of them, you can be sure as hell that there are a few more in a damp corner out of your sight. For a cleaner, safer and more hygienic household, do take the time to connect with professional exterminators.


2. How Deep Is Your Love (For Cleaning)
Think your living room could do with a deep cleaning session? This year, allow us to do the back-breaking chore of cleaning for you. Professional home cleaning experts will do way more than just sweep or mop your floors. They’ll do everything you can think of – remove cobwebs, dust baseboards, clean light fixtures, and even wipe the smudges off your glass window. Your home will be as good as new. Immaculate. Just the way you like it.


Keep your home clean


3. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Or Door)
Creaking door? Dripping tap? The floorboard coming loose? Well, almost everything can be fixed (besides broken hearts). So what are you waiting for? Take the help of affordable repair service experts – these guys know what they are doing and they will get the job done. In time. And to your satisfaction.


Home Interiors Idea


4. Something New
Bring in a teak coat rack. Or maybe a sofa cum bed for those ‘once in a blue moon’ visits from distant relatives. Or perhaps add a few touches of elegance to your living room. A beautiful vase here. A persian rug there. A table runner to spruce up the dining table. An antique clock for the wall. There’s so much that you can do. A whole world of possibilities. Consult with an interior designer who can bring a gamut of exciting new ideas that you can choose from.

And as always, we’d be delighted to offer our help in connecting you with the right household service experts. Come to QuikrServices, tell us what you need and worry no more.

Found these ideas helpful? We’ll keep bringing you more of such nifty little home improvement hacks. Don’t forget to come back for more. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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