6 Management Hacks That Will Motivate Your Employees


Tired of constant fluctuations in the performance level of your employees? Maybe you need to change the way you manage, to ensure that they stay on the ball and productive while at work.

Sure, the occasional slip up may be unavoidable, but if you notice a decline in your employee’s overall productivity, it’s time to make a few changes.

Here’s how.

Keep the Feedback Coming

As often as possible, take a walk around the premises and talk to your employees about their work. Don’t wait for the formal performance review, or it becomes just that—a formality.

Employees want to know that you value the work that they’re doing, and this will only happen if you take the time to interact with them personally.


Motivate your Employees


They also work better with feedback on a constant basis. That way, they feel like they’re becoming more efficient at their job, and can focus on improving skills that need their attention.


A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

If your employee hands in a certain piece of work within the required deadline, thank them for it. Yes, it’s their job, but everyone could use an expression of gratitude to brighten up their day.

If you give credit where it’s due, the people working for you will be able to see that they’re making a mark in the organisation. And there’s no better motivator.

You can even go a step further: if someone hands in excellent work, openly reward them for it. Talk about it and really take the time to congratulate them on their work. It’ll motivate the rest of your employees and they’ll strive harder to attain that same level of recognition.


Give Their Career A Leg Up

When there’s an opportunity to move up in the organisation, promote an existing employee instead of hiring someone else. No one wants to stick around at a dead-end job, and your employees will find a new job if you don’t give them the chance to step up their game and further their careers.

If the new position requires a certain set of skills, invest in training programs that teach your employees what’s necessary. It may cost you, but you’ll have someone who understands the company better than an outsider, and is willing to put in the extra work to prove themselves.


Make Room For Fun

This doesn’t mean throwing a party every week, but celebrations during certain festivals are the perfect way to bring everyone at the workplace together. You’ll get your employees to socialise and learn about each other on a personal level, which in turn improves the work culture and boosts morale.

Happy employees are productive employees.


Spruce Up The Environment

A number of companies have decided to do away with cubicles. They’re popularly seen as prisons for the soul, and ditching them fosters a more open and engaging environment at the workplace.

If you haven’t already, designate a break room, where employees can take time off and relax.


Fun office environment can boost productivity


Even something as simple as putting up pictures, quotes, and artwork on the walls can give your office a more organic feel. It’ll have a positive impact on your employee’s mood, no matter how small, and give them a surge of inspiration to improve their performance.


Truly Make Them A Part Of Your Company

In a word, ESOP.

The Employee Stock Option Plan gives certain personnel a portion of the company’s stock, which entitles them to a share of the profits.

This is a great way to retain your talent pool and reward people who have been working with you for a couple of years. It keeps them motivated and gives everyone else a reason to stick around.

These 6 tips will help you tackle the issue of declining employee performance. If your employees aren’t motivated, it’s up to you to foster a change that will light their fire again.

Yes, it’s not a simple task, but it’s well worth the effort.


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