Bengaluru ditches odd-even proposal for bus transport revamping


According to sources, the Bengaluru Government is looking at refurbishing its bus transport system to address issues of traffic congestion and air pollution.


Delhi’s experiment with odd and even numbered cars on alternate days will kick off from the New Year. However, Bengaluru has already showcased a presentation to the Central Government on Monday with regard to a total revamp of the bus transport system for tackling congestion and pollution alike. According to the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation, the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) will boost overall ridership while reducing private vehicle numbers on roads. Additionally, it will also offer environmental benefits. The presentation was made at the Minimum Government-Maximum Governance regional conference.


The Delhi Government will be going ahead with its own experiment while admitting deficiencies in public transport. Bangalore will be implementing ITS on the other hand. ITS will start from month end and was in the works for a couple of years. People will be encouraged to travel in buses. Real time bus tracking through a mobile app and GPS for all city buses will be a reality. There will be more than 10,000 machines for electronic ticketing and a smart card based system of payments. Bangalore currently has 5.2 million daily bus passengers using 6,521 buses over 76,000 trips which is considerably larger in comparison to the Capital.


ITS will enable real time data on estimated arrival time of buses along with helping track performance and service adherence for greater customer encouragement. A financial institution has tied up with the Government for the smart card solution. This will be used as a prepaid wallet for bus travel and can also be used for transactions at merchant outlets. The Delhi Government has still not installed GPS on all its buses.


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