Anand Mahindra is a part of Formula E sustainability committee now


For someone who has definitely pioneered and led the resurgence of Indian cars in the domestic market, Anand Mahindra definitely deserves to be called an automobile veteran.


Anand Mahindra

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News has filtered in of Anand Mahindra joining the sustainability committee of Formula E which is the first fully electric car racing series in the world. Mahindra’s Group has its own team named Mahindra Racing Formula E and will be joining other Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag and Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio in the committee according to a statement issued by Mahindra Racing.


The sustainability committee comprises multiple global corporations which are working towards a common vision of achieving a future that is sustainability in addition to being a think tank that addresses several environmental issues faced by the world. The committee also emphasizes on promotion and development of urban mobility technologies in addition to transforming electric vehicle usage perceptions. Mahindra also talked of how the committee would look to scale up the appeal of electric cars in urban areas. The Mahindra Group has a Future of Mobility blueprint for global communities. The formation of this committee will be a watershed mark for the car industry worldwide according to experts.


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