A Ride To Last A Lifetime

QuikrCars –The Vintage CollectionThe love of cars is one that starts young. It’s a passion that stokes the desire for four wheeled beauties… an exhilarating devotion that begins early, and if you’re fortunate, lasts a lifetime. Vintage is an acquired old world charm that begs to stand alone in its unmistakably flamboyant finesse. A taste which is arguably eclectic, but beautifully nostalgic. It’s no coincidence that a love of Vintage Cars just brings us closer to an old world culture.

Whether you were bred on a staple of antique cars (which sometimes vintage cars can be, though not always) or raised on a steady diet of metal beasts that needed manhandling just to steer around (much like the Ferrari Daytona 500 from Miami Vice), once automobiles trickle down your veins, they flow instream, for now, and ever.

For connoisseurs and amateurs alike, one of the most memorable vintage wonders worthy of automotive lust was the 1930 Dusenberg Model J Torpedo that featured in more Hollywood flicks than you’d expect. Making its debut in the “The Great McGinty” in 1940, the Dusenberg went on to become perennially famous in an industry where automobile popularity, much like that of celebrities, was short-termed and fickle. Fascinatingly enough, with its silky smooth finish and a  distinguishable personality barring none, the Dusenberg went on to starr in 7 different movies in its tenure. Few of those memorable titles might strike a chord of familiarity, like Al Capone (1959), City Heat (1984) and A Pocketful Of Miracles (1961).

It is astonishing how a throwback into something that was built in a simpler time, makes one long and ache for the conclusion of what might be nostalgia. Much like Suleiman Jamal in the video narrative above, once we unveil the emotive power behind the grace and elan of Vintage Cars, forget selling, we won’t ever want to let go of the rustic romanticism of yesteryears.

You won’t often see one of these bewilderingly beautiful seductresses on road…but when you will, it’s probably the time these vehicular wonders are out for a Vintage Car Rally. This is that one time of the year when you’ll completely forget your new world streets and their hustle-bustle. All you’ll remember is being enchanted. Here’s a sneak peek into one of the earlier Welsh signature style of a Vintage Car Rally. Intriguingly intricate and richly curious, it is a narrative that will leave you wanting for more.

To misquote AC / DC, if you ever get a chance to ride, or even better, own one, you’ll surely be riding onto the highway to heaven.


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