TRA Research Study Ranks Tata As Most Creative Brand In India

The Tata Group has been rated as the most creative brand in India according to a TRA Research Study. Competitors like Honda and Maruti Suzuki are far behind according to the report.

The automobile to salt business behemoth Tata Group has been ranked as the most creative brand in the country as per a TRA Research Study. The brand insights company executed this survey across 16 cities. According to the Chief Executive Officer, N Chandramouli, creativity has not been judged from a novelty, entertainment and utility perspective but also from future risk amelioration and protection based perspective. Being a true pioneer, Tata Group is definitely ready to take risks and move into uncharted and unstable territories for delivering improved or brand new solutions to customers across segments including automobiles which is one of the Group’s most recognizable and revered businesses.

The creativity displayed by the Tata Group is indicative of its intellectual capabilities with regard to tackling future situations in a better manner. Samsung Mobiles came second followed by LG and Sony respectively. Honda came in at number five while Maruti Suzuki is ranked at number nine with Bajaj at the tenth position. The Tata Group has won accolades for its path breaking business decisions in recent years and is ramping up businesses like software and automobiles which are steadily assuming the roles of serious growth drivers.

This report will boost the Tata Group prior to the launch of its highly awaited Zica hatchback in India!


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