Euro VI Norms Urgently Required By Delhi For Combating Increasing Air Pollution

A study by IIT Kanpur has revealed that LPG should be considered as an alternative fuel source for vehicles. Additionally, Euro VI norms should also be considered for better environments in the Capital.

IIT Kanpur has recommended that Euro VI fuel standards should be brought into the Capital and this should be done at the earliest to combat growing air pollution. LPG should be used as an alternative according to this report. Vehicles are responsible for a whopping 60% of air pollution winter according to this report. The report is based on real time data garnered between 2012 and 2015 in addition to modeling exercises. This report will be finalized in December post the meeting of Professor Mukesh Sharma, the study’s lead investigator with Delhi government officials. According to the environment secretary, Delhi government, Ashwani Kumar, IIT Kanpur has offered a recommendations dossier for combating problems caused by vehicular pollution in winter. However, it remains to be seen which recommendations can be swiftly implemented.

Euro VI norms allow 10 ppm sulphur in diesel in comparison to 50 ppm sulphur as stipulated by the current Euro IV standard in use in India. Taking the growth rates of Delhi vehicles into account, 5 million new cars will be added to the current 8 million fleet. The implications resulting from the lack of Bharat Stage VI for the NOx and PM emission load will be huge taking health damages into account. Additionally, future stock will be on roads for at least ten years. The government should not ignore these recommendations and should bring in BS VI maximum by 2020 according to experts.

However, the Auto Fuel Policy Committee for 2025 has already recommended the implementation of Euro V by 2020 and Euro VI by 2024. The International Council on Clean Transportation or ICCT has dispatched a letter to the ministry stating how Euro V will not be sufficient with regard to addressing high emissions of nitrogen oxides from heavy duty vehicles. This can cause heart disease, emphysema and bronchitis in larger numbers.


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