4 Quick Ways to Revitalise Your Senses in the Middle of a Work Day

Before you even come to the end of your work day, it hits you: the afternoon sluggishness. Everyone has experienced it and felt its ability to reduce productivity. It occurs during all kinds of jobs, and the only way to defeat this demon is to revitalise your senses in the middle of the day.

Sitting in one place and constantly working to get things done can be counter-productive. Your brain needs a break from work so that it’s able to unwind and return to the job with renewed focus. That way, you’ll perform more efficiently and you can enjoy some relaxation time during a busy day. Here are some job tips that can help you.


Loosen Your Limbs

You can try this out at any time of the day for quick rejuvenation. First, figure out your optimal focus time. How long you can focus before logging into Facebook? Let’s take 50 minutes as an example. So every 50 minutes, get out of your chair and walk around a little. Learn some basic stretches and try them out in your mini break. It’ll improve blood flow to your limbs and make you feel alive.

Light stretching also helps to ease the tension in muscles that can get stiff after being in one position for a prolonged period of time.


Bring A Book

Pick a book that you like, or start reading a new one. Once you’ve got hold of a decent book, bring it to work with you and read it during the lunch breaks instead of eating at your desk while looking at the computer screen.

Read a book to rejuvenate


A great story can transport you to a different dimension, and you’ll always come back with a fresh perspective on things. If the work you’re doing gets too monotonous and it’s stressing you out, take a book break. Even ten minutes of reading can improve your mood and put you in a better state of mind. It’s best to read paperback, because when you read online you may have other tabs open and that can be a distraction to your relaxation time.


Doze Off For A Bit

Taking a short afternoon nap might just be what you need to get back into the groove of things. If your workplace isn’t too strict about things like this, set an alarm for 20 minutes from when you stop for a break and get some shut eye. Your day won’t feel too repetitive, and you’ll be rested and re-energised to tackle the rest of the day.

Power naps to recharge your body


If you can’t take an afternoon siesta, try a meditation break. Look for a quiet place at work, or in a surrounding area, where you can sit down. Sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and just let your thoughts wander, but don’t think about work! Even 5 minutes of meditation can act like a reset button and rewire the neurons in your brain to handle the rest of the day.


Take A Hike

The best way to get that much-needed boost in your work day is to escape the office atmosphere. Get out of the workplace and just take walk around the area. You can even take out your smartphone and practice some photography, or call up a family member or close friend for a small chat. It’ll help you get out of ‘office mode’, and kill the boredom that comes with sitting still for too long.

These are just a few ways in which you can reinvigorate yourself during a day at work. It’s vital that you take multiple breaks in between work hours. If you’re looking for job satisfaction, you’ll have to give your mind a break so that it can actually enjoy the work that you do.

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