Volkswagen Contests Reports Of Slump In Sales

Volkswagen’s sales figures were going down rapidly as reported by several newspapers and other offline sources worldwide. Volkswagen is now contesting these reports strongly, particularly in response of quotes like dead as a door nail used by unnamed dealers to indicate the slump.

Volkswagen issued a strong denial lately pertaining to a probable slump in sales figures since its own confession relating to understating carbon dioxide emissions for some vehicles. This confession came post the nitrogen oxide emissions controversy where Volkswagen reportedly integrated emission cheating software in high polluting vehicles to pass tests. Several newspapers and other reports have been stating how sales figures have naturally gone into massive slump mode especially after the CO2 admission. There were quotes from unnamed dealers on business which were not at all encouraging to say the least.

Volkswagen spokesmen have now been contesting these reports and quotes and are talking of discussions with dealership representatives over the world which paints a very different reality of sales figures and business progress. On the 3rd of November, Volkswagen confessed to understating carbon dioxide emissions in about 800, 000 vehicles sold majorly in Europe and this would subsequently affect fuel usage. This deepened the overall crisis resulting from the 11 million vehicles with cheating software which Volkswagen is yet to get over.

As per industry experts, Volkswagen’s branded car sales dropped by 5.3% in the month of October post the emissions controversy which was bigger than the 4% fall witnessed in September.


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