Volvo Cars and Microsoft To Partner For Developing Gen-Next Automotive Technologies

Swedish premium car manufacturer, Volvo shall collaborate with Microsoft for jointly developing the next generation of automobile technologies. Areas in which they may collaborate in future include use of data generated from connected cars for creation of new services and autonomous driving technologies.

The two firms revealed today how Microsoft HoloLens, the first completely untethered holographic computer may be used in future for redefining how consumers first come across and explore a vehicle as well as how they may be sold and bought in future. According to Bjorn Annwall, the SVP of Marketing Sales and Service at Volvo Cars, HoloLens offers freehand for creating a customized experience that customers can steer on their own. Mixed realty may be used for choosing the kind of car one wants. One can explore the rims, colours and understand the features, options and services better. Volvo has commented that the other area that they would focus on is autonomous driving. A programme named Drive Me has been announced where 100 connected and self driving cars shall be given to customers on real roads by 2017 in Gothenburg. It would be the world’s biggest autonomous driving experiment.

The HoloLens technology may also liberate dealers from traditional sales environments and permit them to take a car configurator out on the streets in shopping malls, Pop Up stores or the high street, opening up of new sales channels and introduce cars to a bigger potential audience.

Scott Erickson, Senior Director of Microsoft HoloLens at Microsoft Corporation has commented that they are elated to be working with Volvo Cars for reimagining possible car designs, purchasing and discovery. Microsoft is thrilled to be at the intersection of human centric design and technology with Volvo.


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