Bosch Under The Scanner For Role in Volkswagen Scandal

In the light of the recent emissions scandal that engulfed Volkswagen North America, other German companies too are being brought under the scanner. The US authorities are investing Rober Bosch GmbH, Bosch’s parent company over its part in the emission scandal. This has led to a drop in the shares of Bosch by almost 3.65 percent. It was the lowest that the company hit in the intraday trading level since the 26th of December, 2014.

Bosch had developed important components in the diesel engine that was used in one Audi and six Volkswagen models. Volkswagen has admitted to the tampering in the diesel engines for cheating emissions tests. A software patch was installed that switched on emission controls at the time of testing and switched off when the car was on roads. This led to the emission of toxic levels of nitrogen oxide.

Sources have revealed that the probe is in a nascent state and there is no indication of US prosecutors having found evidence of misdeeds at Bosch.


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