Tip The Scales Of Work-Life Balance In Your Favour

As technology continuously evolves, the fine line that defines the balance between work and life thins, causing the two to blend together. Thanks to all the upgrades over the years, you’re now accessible around the clock, and the time you’ve set aside for yourself is being eaten up by your commitment to work.

A lifestyle in which you’re checking work emails instead of watching your child’s cricket game tends to get boring.

In fact, it’s downright destructive.

Work Life Balance


No matter what your job is, out of the vast varieties of jobs out there, know that disconnecting from work is crucial to revitalise yourself, so that you can give your 100% when you get back to it. Use these tips to strike a balance between your work and personal life.


Open Up To The Higher-Ups

The first step for an ideal work and life balance is to identify what truly matters to you and communicate it to your higher-ups. Don’t expect your managers to figure out what you’re thinking; you need to be transparent about it and let them know what’s up.

This means that if you’ve made a prior commitment to have dinner with your family, you need to leave at a particular time. Let your boss know this and it should change their approach to your work timings. While every company has it’s own way of doing things, you can always benefit by engaging in an honest conversation with your manager.


Toss Out Perfectionism

As a kid, you had ample time to go to school, play in the evenings, and maybe do a little homework before tucking yourself into bed. There was enough opportunity to do everything, so you strived to perfect each activity.

In the adult world, things don’t go so smoothly; you need to do what you can within a specified period. Don’t try to refine every task till it reaches your idea of perfection, it’ll only eat into the time that you’ve left for other things. Don’t equate excellence to perfection.


Discard Time-Wasting Activities

No one has a minute more than 24 hours in their day. You need to structure your time in such a way, so that you can get the most out of it. Stop doing things that don’t aid you in any way.

If you’re spending too much time surfing the web or checking the number of likes on your Facebook display picture, remove these time-consuming acts from your daily schedule. If you’re cornered by the office chatterbox, respectfully excuse yourself. Do whatever it takes to free up as much time as you can, so that you can devote your attention to what needs to be done.


Switch Off When You’re Off Work


Get off phone after work


Every piece of technology you own has an ‘off’ button. Use it! Sometimes your willpower may fail you, and you won’t be able to resist checking a mail from work. Ensure that this doesn’t happen by turning off your electronic devices when you aren’t at work. It’s liberating to be able to go through your day the way you want to, without interruptions.


Take a Moment

Mull this over, and try to incorporate a steady work-life balance into your life. Build your career to suit your lifestyle, not the other way around.


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