Motor vehicles deemed noisier than crackers as per reports

According to studies, motor vehicles are deemed noisier than crackers. This was evident through a Diwali study and several localities witnessed a drop in sound when taxis, trucks and buses were off the roads. However, decibel levels shot up when these vehicles were back on the roads.


Motor vehicles are deemed to be even noisier than crackers. As per a Diwali 2015 survey for noise levels that was conducted by the UP Pollution Control Board or UPPCB and there were marked variations in noise levels that were recorded for both commercial cum traffic and residential areas on Diwali and the following day, November 12. Several busy traffic cum commercial locations like the HAL Crossing, Charbagh and IT Crossing were surveyed and six decibels increased on the day after Diwali. The IT College and HAL Crossings witnessed 71.6 and 79.4 decibel increases while Charbagh witnessed an increase by 76.6 decibels.


These figures were concurrent with regular weekdays but on Diwali, they were surprisingly and comparatively quieter. Cracker bursting was low at these places owing to them not being primary residential zones according to experts at UPPCB. For residential areas, noise levels went up to 98.4 decibels on Diwali while the day after saw a drop to around 84.6 decibels. Residential areas like Lalkuan, Rajajipuram and Nishatganj were noisier than commercial cum traffic zones like Medical College, Gol Market and Kapoorthala. However, noise levels changed on the very next day for almost all of these zones. This proves the presence of vehicular noise and indeed, one of the biggest challenges for the present governmental dispensation going forward according to officials and experts.


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