Buying A New Smartphone? Here’s 4 Uses For Your Old One

The latest mobile phones are out, and it’s upgrade time! Out with the old and in with the new right? But maybe you should consider using your old smartphone for a more noble purpose, instead of allowing it to gather dust in a corner of your house.

Think about it. Your phone has served its role when you needed it to. Sure, it’s conked out when you were stuck at home on a rainy day, trying desperately to call a cab so you can get to work, but it’s been with you through difficult times. It holds sentimental value, so before you discard it and get a new phone consider transforming it into one of these appliances.


Full-Time MP3 Player

Remember the time before smartphones got a complete makeover? You had an mp3 player to play all your music. You can bring that back! Just store all your favourite tunes on your used smartphone, and hook it up to an audio device for some uplifting melodies.

Phone as MP3 Player

It’s great because your music won’t be interrupted by all those irrelevant calls and messages from service providers and a few ‘friends’.


Digitised Teacher

Once you’re through with your phone, hand it over to your toddler. Of course, you’ll have to tweak it a little. Install a bunch of educational apps to stretch your kid’s mental capacity through a platform that’ll bring a smile to their cute little faces.

Phone as a Tutor

They’ll love the touchscreen features that lead to fun mind-puzzle games, and you’ll have a genius in the making. Be sure to place restrictions on the device to control what your little one can view.


Nintendo DS 

Why play games on your phone when you can have your very own video-game device? Install all your favourite games on your old phone, and you’ll have a highly updated version of the classic Nintendo DS. The best part about this transformation is that you can conserve the battery life on your new mobile phone by gaming on your console.

Play games on your phone


Replacement Device

You can use your old cellular device as a cool alarm clock. Just snag an inexpensive stand to prop it against and leave it next to your bed after setting the timer.

Buying A New Smartphone_ Here's 4 Uses For Your Old One_4_Cover

Another way to reuse your old device is transform it into a portal to the outside world. Install apps like Google Hangouts and Skype so that you can have access to a video terminal for face-to-face communication. It’s a cool device to leave lying around your living room.


Get Creative

Figure out different ways to use your smartphone, because it’s features are too valuable to be tossed aside. Here are a few more ideas—security camera, digital photo frame, and a handy emergency device. Just get those mental gears turning and figure out innovative ways of using your old companion.


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