Beneficial Bugs: Critters That Turn Your Garden Into A Hospitable Haven

Keep a few creepy crawlies in your garden!

Sounds like the worst advice ever right? But finding the right creatures to inhabit your lawn can actually help it thrive.

Most bugs, insects, and other little critters give us the heebie-jeebies. It’s probably thanks to their tiny legs and all the diseases that, as per popular belief, they’re rumoured to harbour. Seeing these creatures in gardens tends to give most people a mini heart attack.

Scared of insects

However, a few of the critters featured below can replace the toxic effects of bug spray, transforming your garden, and making it a healthier environment.


Here they are.

A Predator That Prays

This ‘holy’ killer gets its name from the way it’s constantly posing. The praying mantis is a natural-born fighter, but luckily you won’t have to tangle with this beast. They’re the ideal, all-natural bug repellents, and will take down any annoying insect that gets in their way.

Mantis as Pets

All you need to do is procure a few mantis eggs and sprinkle them over various parts of your garden. Once they’re awakened from their other-worldly slumber, these fellows will go about purifying your garden. You won’t be bothered by pesky mosquitoes ever again.


As Busy As A…

While it’s frightening to see bees hovering all over your garden, they have a soothing effect on your flowering plants and trees. A single bee can visit up to 2000 flowers in a day! That means it’s carrying pollen from all over the area and transferring it to your garden. Your plants are mating without having to lift a twig.

Bee as Pets

You need to remember that when a bee stings, it dies. So it’s not something that they’re avidly looking to do. Stay out of their way and you can both benefit from their work. If you start a bee farm in your backyard, you can enjoy the pollen as well as the delicious honey that they provide!


The Lady Of The Garden

One of the most recognised beetles in the world, ladybugs are ruthless when it comes to protecting your garden. They have a taste for aphids and can consume up to 5000 in a lifetime! Aphids are tiny, unpleasant creatures that feed on plant sap. They reproduce faster than rabbits and can cause extensive damage to your greenery.

Lady of the garden

Inviting a bunch of ladybugs to come stay in your garden is a great way to deal with this problem. You won’t have to worry about them being eaten by other beneficial predators like the mantis. These helpful insects secrete an odorous fluid when threatened, and their enemies would rather not deal with that.


Slime And Soil

Earthworms play a big role in improving the living conditions of your plants. Their constant burrowing frees up the soil, improving drainage and ventilation, allowing plant roots to breathe easier.


These slimy little critters also eat dead, organic material like leaves, grass, and roots. Their digestive system wrings out the minerals from their diet, and their excreta pours these nutrients back into the soil, improving its quality.


Give Your Garden A Makeover

The best part about these friendly pests, is that they’ll even leave your lawn furniture untouched. Introduce these beneficial beauties to your garden, and let them crawl, slither, and fly free. They’ll liven up the place, add a splash of colour to it, and remove all nuisances.


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