Volkswagen mulls offering cash to owners of diesel cars as a goodwill initiative

As per Volkswagen officials, the company will be making an announcement soon which may result in diesel car owners being offered up to $1, 250 though there has been no official confirmation yet.


Going by company sources, Volkswagen should be offering cash to owners of diesel cars as it seeks to undertake initiatives for restoring its goodwill post the controversy resulting from its admission that many of its vehicles were programmed to cheat emissions tests. The company is slated to make an announcement today but no reports were confirmed regarding the offer of up to $1250 to diesel car owners.


Owners will probably be receiving cash cars worth approximately $500 that can be spent as per their own wishes while another $500 to $750 will be offered for spending at any Volkswagen dealership. There are several lawsuits that the company is facing from owners relating to offering compensation for the lowered resale value of more than 500, 000 Audi and Volkswagen vehicles that possess this illegal software. There is still no clarity on whether owners will have to give up suing rights upon acceptance of the cash payouts.


The software enabled vehicles to identify upcoming emissions testing and turn on controls relating to the same. However, on roads, the vehicles emitted close to 40 times the nitrogen oxide permissible. Volkswagen has promised to effect changes to these vehicles in order to get them to comply with emissions limits. However, these repairs should be highly costly propositions for the company and it has not yet provided a comprehensive blueprint for carrying out the same.


It remains to be seen how this news is accepted by diesel car owners and whether Volkswagen actually succeeds in overturning this immensely sticky situation.



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