5 Useful Smartphone Features That Will Blow Your Mind

So you’ve finally managed to get your hands on a smartphone. Sure you’re enjoying all the cool features it has; the extra connectivity, a beautiful screen, and countless apps which never fail to keep you entertained.

Smartphone Features

But what if we told you that most people don’t even manage to scratch the surface of what their smartphones are capable of?

Smartphones don’t have smart in their names for no reason. Just looking at one is enough to come to the conclusion that these devices have transcended the last generation of cell phones that we were used to.

Here’s a list of things we bet you never knew your smartphone was capable of:


  1. Access Tabs Open In Another Device

Can’t find that interesting video you stumbled onto at home? If you haven’t closed your chrome

browser, you can easily access all your open tabs from your android device. Just hit the menu or new tab button and choose ‘Other Devices’ and you can share or revisit any web page that you were browsing last night or before you stepped out of your house.


  1. Help Cure The World

With apps like Samsung’s Power Sleep and HTC’s Power To Give, you can let researchers remotely use your phone’s computational power to help them analyse medical and scientific data faster to make the world a better place. Just plug in the charger, switch on the app and go to sleep while your phone does all the work.


  1. Diagnose Car Issues

By the time the 90s had ended, most cars, including those being sold in India, were produced with a standardised digital communications port which was hooked up to a small computer that monitored the car’s functioning.

If you ever face issues with your car, all you have to do is download one of the numerous OBD(On-Board Diagnostics) apps and buy an adaptor which connects to the port provided in your car. With your phone you can get detailed reports on all your car’s systems and easily identify where the problem lies.


  1. Be A Hiking Partner

Hiking Features in Smartphone

Instead of lugging around multiple devices like altimeters and barometers, you can get all your data straight from your smartphone. With their in-built GPS and barometers, some of the new smartphones on the market can give you quite accurate insights on your altitude and atmospheric pressure to help you make your next move. Plus, you can capture the amazing sights you come across.


  1. Read A Passport

Many countries have passports that come embedded with an RFID chip. If you ever find a passport in a language that you can’t read, try using your smartphone to decipher it. With the help of NFC and a freely available app, you can easily find out who owns that passport and access some of their details. This makes it infinitely easy to trace back the real owner and reunite them with their lost passport.


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