New Home, New Neighbors – Let’s Get Friendly

What is the toughest part of moving to a new home? Leaving behind known friends & neighbors & seeing all new faces around. Rings a bell?

Here are 3 tips that could help you in getting comfortable in your new society.

When do you start to feel at home in a new house? As soon as you’ve made some friends and know a few neighbors in the area, the new house starts feeling like home.

  1. Knock, knock!! Who’s there? New neighbors!!

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In general there are 2 broad categories of people, extroverts & reserved.

For an extrovert, introducing himself to a new neighbor and striking up a conversation with a complete stranger may feel easy peasy.

For the reserved type of people, this might be a bit unnerving. It will require a couple of warm up exercises before you can get chatty. Start with a smile and move up to a friendly wave when your paths cross. As you build on this, think of some common topic that can work as an icebreaker.

As the smiles and hand-waves become mutual strike up a conversation.

Timing & location is the key. You don’t want to drop in when your neighbors are having dinner or trying to get their kids to sleep.

Try to catch them outside the apartment/house or in a common area and early evenings or weekends when people are more relaxed works best.

Keep the topic common so that it is a 2-way communication.

  1. The Yellow School Bus

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Kids become friends with other kids way faster than adults. All kids go to school and most of them use the school transport. The school bus stop can be a good starting point. Accompany your kids to the bus stop for a few days. As the faces grow familiar, you can definitely find 1 parent who can start a conversation.

To avoid awkward silences a good conversation starter can be a discussion about kids. People like telling others how cool their kids are and what fun things kids do at home.

Depending on how the conversations takeoff & continue, consider inviting a family over to your house for a weekend brunch or evening tea.


  1. Man’s Best Friend

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Your furry four-legged friend can also become an icebreaker if someone in your apartment has one or someone loves dogs.

Since you’ve newly moved into the area you can enquire about roads where you can take your dog for a walk or even ask info about nearby vets and kennels. Dogs & kids is a fantastic combination to start chatting.


Bonus Tip: Party Perfect

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Once you’ve connected with a few people in the society you can float an idea to have a weekend party where you can connect with all.

Playing some games that involves everyone can make you the star of the society and you can rake up conversations of different places you’ve visited. Or even discuss about restaurants and libraries available in the vicinity.

And, before you say your goodbyes and goodnights, if everyone has enjoyed the party as much as you have, you can spark an idea of meeting every 2/3 months.

Do you have any great tips on how you made new friends in your new neighbourhood?

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