How To Get The Best Deal On Your Used Car

We all look for the best possible deals on all our purchases. This is common human nature and this comes into play especially when we are looking for a bargain. Buying used cars is always a bit of a bargain. When you are getting into purchasing a used car, you have to make sure that you get a great deal on your investment. It is very easy to be taken for a ride on your investment. You have to keep the following things in mind before you buy your used car.

When you are thinking of buying any used car, you have to first calculate the approximate value of the car first. This will help you avoid some common pitfalls which are experienced by first time buyers who do not have an idea of the price of the car. There are dedicated websites and price calculators to help you calculate the price of your used car. This is a must before you visit any dealership or private seller. Before calculating approximate prices it is thus important to zero in on the specific used car model that you want. Search for car models that are generally considered reliable and will give you good value for money. Used luxury cars are generally best avoided unless you have the budget and inclination to maintain the same.

Once you have selected your used car model and have got an idea of the approximate price for the same, it is time to consult dealerships with regard to getting the best possible price. Contact all available dealerships and used car outlets in your area. Talk to multiple dealers and find out whether that particular car model is available at their dealerships or not. Alongside, negotiate your prices on the phone first. Give them a bottom line figure as far as your price expectations and give them some time to respond. Always go for the dealer who gives you the best price for your desired model. Wait till you get a response before visiting the showroom.

While at the second hand car showroom, it is important to avoid sales pitches with a polite yet firm demeanor. Salesmen and dealers will always try to veer you towards other matching models that earn them higher commissions. Resist all such endeavors and insist on checking your model. Inspect the used car thoroughly and take along an expert for the inspection process if possible. If you notice minor damages and dents that can be fixed easily, use them as a basis for negotiating prices further. Ask for a lower price based on the damages to the car. This strategy might help you get even heftier discounts.

Use online car classifieds to find private sellers in your desired area or any other Indian city if you wish to avoid dealerships. Online classifieds portals will help you get your desired used car model at unbelievable prices. You can also contact sellers directly by replying to advertisements here.


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