Things Every Smart TV Owner Should Know About

Just as smartphones earned popularity for succeeding to fit the World Wide Web into the tiny, limited space of your pockets, smart TVs are taking most of the household spaces by storm. A smart TV is the most recent member of the gadget family, but as one would guess, there is a world of differences between the two, and the adjectives speak for themselves.

  • What makes smart TVs increasingly popular


Most of us prefer a smart TV because firstly, it satisfies our audio-visual curiosity. Secondly, we get to reach out to a wealth of online resources and services from the confines of our home, or even better, from the comfort of our couch. From streaming shows to checking out news or playing online games, you get to utilize a host of features associated with modern smart TVs. But, if you got yourself a smart TV only recently, and haven’t managed to get acquainted with its functionalities, then get caught up already!


  • Make the most out of your smart TV with an excellent internet connection.


The Internet powers the smartness quotient of smart TVs. On-demand streaming is an option these days for which a stable and high-speed internet connection is a necessity. Find out how capable and efficient your router is and place it within the ideal range to enjoy buffer-free video streaming on your 4K enabled and 1080p smart TV screen!


  • Go wireless for a smooth experience.


The connectivity options of smart TVs support both wired and wireless accessories. To make the best use of these features and for optimum user experience, the best option would be to pair your smart TV with a wireless keyboard. Doing so will make typing way easier and smoother than before. For gaming, a wireless controller would be handy. No more wires to make a mess!


Alternatively, by using Bluetooth functionality, you can connect your wireless headphones to your smart TV for private listening.


  • Wipe the storage space of your smart TV often for effective functioning.


Imagine your smart TV as a mid-range smartphone but with an enormous display. Despite its many features, a smart TV has one point of concern, and that’s limited storage space. Most smart TVs are pre-loaded with a variety of apps and features that take up considerable space, thus leaving the users with cramped storage.


Your smart TV might work like your phone, but you cannot use it like one. Over time, the limited data storage space might get subjected to app data pillage, and slow down your smart TV. App stores and the internet are teeming with all kinds of apps that you might find suitable for your smart TV, but installing every app that you’d probably not use regularly is a waste of critical storage space. So, pay attention to your smart TV’s internal data storage space and ensure to install and delete apps accordingly. You don’t want a congested memory messing with your gaming experience.


  • Use an offline media library option to watch content offline.


Losing your internet connectivity in the middle of a thriller can be downright upsetting. But, what happens to your smart TV after your internet gets disrupted is a matter of choice. You can put your smart TV to rest, or if you wish to watch the rest of the thriller, then you can watch the stored version of the movie offline. With USB ports an added feature of most smart TVs, you can store data in an external storage device and watch the content offline.


  • Remember to conduct a software update periodically.


Some smart TVs have over-the-air update compatibility, but if your TV doesn’t support this feature, then you can download the latest software, store it on a USB drive, and upload it on your smart TV. Always keep an eye out for the latest updates so that your device is in tune with the times, and its functionality isn’t compromised.


A smart TV might be smart by its name, but it becomes extra smart when you use it precisely. Exploit every feature of your brand new smart TV to the maximum and optimize your experience with these handy tips!


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