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Hi, I am Rajesh. I stay so busy with my work just like you that I do not find the time to check the calendar many times. A lot of times I forget to pack my raincoat, and end up returning home drenched. A little while back, on my way back from office, rain put me in its crosshairs, and here I was with a phone that was not responding anymore. I had been hoping to change it for some time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. But, it was the middle of the month, Raksha Bandhan and Friendship Day had already emptied my pockets – I was wondering how to buy a phone in this scenario.

I was waiting on my bonus, but there were rumors that we would not get those this year, so I decided to check Quikr Mobiles and Tablets, after being suggested by a friend. I was very skeptical at first, because I wondered how the pre-owned phones would fare, and was considering buying a lower-end new phone. But then, I went through their website, and the promises they made were unbelievable until I saw the phone in my own hand. I was worried if I have to deal with an individual on the other side, haggle to negotiate the price and go to collect the phone because I have steep working hours, but Quikr covered me with that too. It was like a catalogue of all my favorite phones at affordable prices, payment through their website and delivery right to my doorstep. But, ever since I have started taking it to my office, people do not believe that this new-looking phone could be pre-owned, and wonder if I have started gambling or have won some lottery. Their inspections also could not yield their belief because of how immaculately Quikr has refurbished this phone.

It might be common for you to not believe Rajesh, after all who would? A phone just as good as new, if not better, always raises suspicion. But, just like him, there are many others who face the same dilemma. So, why wait for that bonus or hurt your wallet too much when you can have a new-looking phone at a fraction of a price of the new phone? Why settle for a lower-end model that you cannot enjoy when your favorite phones could cost you the same?

Quikr offers listings, variety and range from over 1200 cities across India, so the choice you make does not have to bank upon a compromise. Either you wish to select an individual listing or a Quikr certified phone, pre-owned phones are always best found on Quikr because no other platform would give you a pre-owned phone which goes through 36+ quality points of check. On top of that, 6 months of warranty covers you against any circumstances, and there is guaranteed buy back. But, if these amazing benefits do not convince you, and you do not like your new-looking phone, you always can rely upon 7 days’ replacement guarantee. So, whether wide range, flexibility or freedom is your favorite buzzword, with Quikr, Aasan Hai Badalna.


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