NCERT to revise syllabus for inclusion of sex education for children

NCERT (National Council of Educational Research & Training) will be revising its school syllabus curriculum and students from classes 1-5 will be given sex education and will be taught about sexual abuse of children. A revised version of sex education curricula will be imparted to children of this age group across schools.

The lessons will include educational films and trained counselors. The NCERT is an autonomous organization which advises and assists the State and Central governments on programmes and policies related to qualitative improvement in school education. According to senior officials, once children grow up, they become more conscious of their surroundings and can take better care of themselves but younger children are most vulnerable towards sexual abuse and hence the curriculum will aim at making these children stronger and informed about child sexual abuse through characters and films that they can relate to.

Officials added that young children are already taught about good and bad touch but the lessons should go beyond this aspect. The curriculum is likely to include Komal which is a film on child abuse. In the film, the central character is a 9 year old girl who is active in studies and sports alike and stays with her parents. The story takes a violent turn when a neighbor abuses the girl sexually and she becomes a social recluse. The film shows how it is never the fault of the child in case someone misbehaves with him/her and instructs them what to do in order to protect themselves in situations like these.

The NCERT has also developed a curriculum called Health and Physical Education for classes 1-12 and this has been prescribed for all schools.



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