After Gurugram, HDFC Schools in Pune and Bengaluru

HDFC School is a part of the HDFC group and has a single branch in India at present. The school began its operations in 2015 in Gurugram. It further plans to expand its network by opening branches in Pune and Bangalore.

What and How

For the last two years, HDFC school offered admissions to classes till grade five. In June 2017, higher grades will be added in the school. In fact, the admission procedures for pre-nursery to eighth grade has already begun. According to the principal, the school aims to value every student’s learning method and follows this principle in their approach towards education.

Another highlight of HDFC School is that they provide admission to children with special needs as well. The Pune branch of the school will begin its operations in June this year and the branch in Bengaluru will also be functional soon.

Expert Opinion

Principal, HDFC School, Anita Makkar said that she wants the students in her school to keep up with changing times and not just study for the sake of examinations. By studying only for the examination, they will become rote learners. She believes that education is permanent. In HDFC School, they focus on the creative skills of the child and not just academic grades.

She also said that the teachers in HDFC School are trained to adapt to the learning capabilities of the child. For example, a student will be able to understand a concept thoroughly by doing an experiment whereas another student can understand the same concept just by looking at it. Teachers are able to adapt to the learning habits of the students which give rise to differentiated learning.

Chairman, HDFC, Deepak Parekh said at the inauguration ceremony that the school is majorly going to focus on the overall development of the child. He also said that since the time the school started its operations, it has done everything in its capacity to deliver the highest quality education to its students and will continue to do so in the coming years of its operations.

Makkar also said that the school is equipped with special counselors and instructors who are capable of handling children with special needs. These instructors are also capable of empowering these students.

Our education system today needs fresh ideas and needs to train students in a manner that is different from the conventional approach. Will HDFC School be able to achieve this? Only time will tell.


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