Top 500 Students in the Country to Receive Rs. 75,000 Scholarship

It is common knowledge that students in India migrate to foreign countries for better education and job opportunities. Due to this, we are losing talented individuals of our country. This has caused a brain drain problem and the government is taking various steps to prevent this phenomenon. The phenomenon of brain drain is a blessing for developed countries but, a curse for developing countries such as ours. In order to become a developed country, India needs its scientists and technical specialists to excel in various fields of development. One of the major reasons students migrate to foreign countries is the stark difference in salaries and a comfortable lifestyle.

What and How

Prakash Javadekar, HRD Minister said that the government is taking steps to improve the quality of education and other activities in the engineering sector and also provide scholarships of Rs.75,000 to the top 500 students in the country. He acknowledged that there is a problem of brain drain in our country and that the government is taking steps to resolve it. He mentioned this in the Lok Sabha during the debate on a bill. As per the bill, the IISER (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research) Tirupati and Berhampur were to be given a national importance status.

The engineering sector needs to be revamped as current graduates are not employable and do not possess skills required by the companies. In the entire country, 400 engineering colleges were shut down as they failed to impart quality education. Mr. Javadekar said that the good will stay in the system while the bad will have to go. When many members questioned the quality of education at present, he said that government is working on methods to reform the education system.

According to the minister, once the quality of education improves, the rank of the various institutes in India would also improve. To provide better quality education, almost 600 professors from foreign countries are expected to visit India this year. He also stressed on the need for new and quality inventions from the country. In IIT hostel rooms, close to 400 start-ups have already been launched.

If the bill giving national importance to IISER Tirupati and IISER Berhampur is passed, they can be controlled by the legislation and there would be seven IISERs in the country.

To promote research activities, IISERs are given a budget of Rs. 900 crores every year whereas the IISc (Indian Institute of Science) is given Rs. 300 crores. Mr. Javadekar said that the government is trying it’s best to provide necessary funds to these premier institutes in order to ensure that they do not face any shortage of the same.

The government and the HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry is leaving no stone unturned to improve the quality of education and retain talent in the country. Will they be successful in this? Only time will tell.


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