IIT Ropar Techno-Cultural Fest Set for End of March

Of all the IITs, The Indian Institute of Technology at Ropar is one that possibly doesn’t make the news all that often. Being one of the newer set of IITs means that it is often not host to some of the more illustrious events or gatherings, be they serious, technical or of a fun and cultural nature. This is all set to change, however, as the institution is now gearing up to put together it’s first ever official annual Techno-Management themed fest called ‘Advitiya’. This event will be a 3-day mega event which would start on the 22nd of March, 2017 and go on until the 24th of the same month. This is truly a landmark event in the history of the fest as it joins the ranks of older IITs such as IIT Chennai and IIT Mumbai, among others, to now host an annual fest where students coming from various universities and colleges across the country would be present and take part in the events.


How it is Being done


The inauguration of this momentous event would be done in the presence of a truly distinguished guest, the director and member of the research team at ISRO’s applications centre, Tapan Mishra. Also present at the Inauguration would be the famous Co-founder of the online sensation Alma-Mater, Varun Agarwal. The fest is said to contain events and activities across sixty hours that would hold intense and exhilarating competition for all the participants. It is truly set to be an amazing time.

The fest is said to be an amazing stage which would house several awesome technical and scientific activities as well as interesting and unique events with a novel spin that are designed to be challenging for the participants. The activities and events are designed around the fields of robotics, coding, finance, entrepreneurship, design and several others. The prizes of these events range up to massive amounts right up to 4 lakhs of Rupees. The fact that the event is being held by an IIT is sure to attract some of the best competition from the region as well as the country. There will also be several experts from various technical fields who will be in attendance at the event in various capacities.

The fest is not only a proving ground for college students but will also serve as an important place for companies and firms to showcase themselves as well. There will be both student and corporate exhibition areas where each category would put up their best exhibits for the visitors to peruse and judges to go through, there are awards for this category as well and the participants are sure to take this very seriously indeed. This is a great opportunity for students who are working on interesting prototypes to put their designs up on display with the aim of finding backers for their project, or even being absorbed into companies directly. This is definitely a great playing field for the students and will result in invaluable exposure to the real technical world.

IIT Ropar has been a silent performer by making it’s way up to the 9th spot on top technical institutions in the country. This is amazing considering it is one of the newer IITs and has done all this all in its early years of institution.


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