IIT-Madras Student Win Global Student Entrepreneur Award

On Friday, the Entrepreneurs Organization announced their winner for the India Finals of the EO GSEA. The winner was none other than IIT – Madras’ student, Daniel Raj David. Daniel went on to be then felicitated as a part of the glittering awards function that was held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This was indeed a very proud moment for Daniel and his entire family, who were present at the event to cheer him on with true happiness for his achievement in their eyes. A cash prize was also awarded to Daniel to the tune of Rs. 50,000 as well as a place secured for him in the international finals of the same event to be held in Germany at Frankfurt. There, Daniel would go on to compete against the winners from more than 50 countries. The finals are scheduled to be held between the 27th to the 29th of April, 2017.

The Competition

The Regional Finals which was held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat hosted a total of 19 of the brightest finalists from across the country who were vying for the top place and looking to take home the prize as well as that coveted spot in the international finals. Daniel was extremely thrilled yet humbled at winning the award, he said it was an honour for him to have won at this tremendous competition.

Daniel mentioned that the competition has taught him a great deal so far, and he was intent on applying all his new-found knowledge in the final round. He was especially grateful towards the members of EO who had invested their time by mentoring, and above that, nurturing him through every stage so that he could grow as a competitor and an entrepreneur. He said that all the insights and experience that has mentored him thus far would truly enable him to grow his business and the way he looks at it. He looks forward to learning much more in the future and was very earnest in his appreciation towards the Entrepreneurs Organization for all he was able to accomplish through them.

This years’ award ceremony had been hosted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Gujarat Chapter which is at Ahmedabad. The event was graced by a panel of eminent guests such as the Chairman of DH Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Shailesh Haribhakti, The Regional Director of EO for South East Asia Chiranjiv Patel, The Managing Director of Jewel Consumer Care, Geeta Goradia, among other esteemed personalities were all present at this glittering gala. The event was presented at the wonderful United World Campus in Gandhinagar.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards is definitely one of the largest and most sought after awards for budding Entrepreneurs who want to make their mark on the world. The fact that it encourages truly global thinking in terms of market scope and product design, the initiative is one that brings out the most interesting and unique ideas from across the globe. The annual awards are a place which often sees the biggest and best ideas which will change the face of the world forever. Daniel now will be able to see what the smartest and most-forward thinking youths from across the world have to offer, in the final round of the GSEA.


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