Lucknow Boy scores Top in SATs

A student in his 11th grade, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh has made history by scoring an impressive 1590 points out of 1600 on the SAT exams. Shubh Agrawal, the student who has made the country pay attention to laud his achievement, has truly made his city proud as this is the first time that any student from the city of Lucknow has managed to score a top point score in the SAT exam. In fact it is probably the highest SAT score in India as per current belief. The SAT exam is held for students who aspire to join colleges and universities in the United States of America, it is specified by the College Board, USA and held worldwide by the testing firm ETS. This year Shubh took the test on the 21st of January 2017 and it then that he made his mark.

What the future holds

The SAT exam score is used by the majority of colleges in the US as well as several international universities and colleges across the world all of whom are highly recognized and revered. When asked about where this score would Lead, Shubh said that he looks forward to applying not only to the best of the best in terms of colleges in the US, which would include but not be limited to CalTech, Stanford, Harvard, MIT among others, but also several others across the world. He was sure that his score would help him secure a scholarship to study at these prestigious institutions as well. Shubh is a humble yet understandably jubilant student of the City Montessori School located in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

Being the son of a paediatrician father and a mother who is an anaesthetist, Shubh is indeed from a family of scholars. He distinguished himself in his academic ability several times all culminating in this achievement. His score in the math section was a staggering 800 out of 800 and a similarly impressive 790 out of 800 in the evidence-based critical reading and writing section, which tests the students linguistic abilities in English. Shubh Agrawal, the 16 year-old scholar, managed to score the second highest possible score on the test and has truly shown the weight of his preparation. In fact, the score achieved by him of 1590 belongs to the highest percentile ranked at over 99+ in India as stated by the principal of CMS Gomti Nagar, Abha Anant.

The SAT Test comprises of four main sections, two of which are of English reading as well as writing and two of which are based on mathematics skills. The complete test in its entirety is scored from a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 1600 points, with scores being incremented by 10. Shubh’s mentor and centre coordinator for USA UnivQuest Sanjeev Kumar Pandey said that his organization was more than proud to have had their hand in polishing the gem that was Shubh and showing him to the world. He mentioned that Shubh is further planning to write the AP tests in May which would strengthen his application to these universities and maximise his scholarship chances.


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