Engineering Student Creates Education Bot

With the advent of technology, the internet and simply the permeation of all things digital into our way of life, there have been a lot of positive enhancements to life as we know it. Perhaps the chief amongst all this is how much technology and the internet has affected how we learn and absorb new knowledge. However, learning things online is still far from a streamlined experience for beginners or even younger users. But a computer science student who had the aim to demystify the entire process has developed an application for mobile devices to make learning on the go easier for anyone who wants to do so. In fact, the young developer will soon be adding the entire course pack of the common entrance exam (or the CET) to the application so that users may utilize the app in their preparation for the very same exam.

Applications of the Tinker Bot

This application was developed by a first-year student of Weber State University in the United States, Apurva Muthe. Muthe developed this application while he was on vacation, a feat which he talks about humbly but it quite impressive nonetheless, especially when we consider the scale of his achievement and the sheer amount of positive momentum it may result in. His initial plans for the app, dubbed the Tinker Bot, were for it to be only for general knowledge, and not for any specific tutelage or educational segment. But as his ideas and thoughts, as well as the usage, interest and response for his application grew and evolved he began to realize that adding topics form the CET source would be a really useful feature. He felt that this would be a very quick and efficient way for students who would be attempting the exam to clear their doubts.

Muthe states that there has been a significant amount of artificial intelligence (or AI) capabilities which have been included in the application, which he has seen done commonly in the US but not so much in India. The application would be great at teaching the users in a way that is conversational rather than inorganic and technical. He spoke about how it would be great for all students ranging from the 5th grade right up to the post-graduate level as the framework would basically be the same at any point. The most interesting part of this unique application is that it is built around Facebook’s Messenger application and does not require the user to download any separate app to use it effectively. The application has about 500 users already in the three days since its launch, and it is also being worked on continuously and improve by him.

Apurva Mutha said that his inspiration for the application came when he saw the system of education in the US and how it was different and more interactive than what he had experienced back in India. In seeing this, he felt that after coming home for his vacation to Nashik, his time would be best spent working on his pet project. To get started with the service all a user needs to do is find the Tinker Bot on Facebook Messenger. The bot works in Marathi, Hindi and English all just as well, and thus is very accessible to users from various linguistic backgrounds.


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