Minority Leaders Express Concern over the State of Education Affairs in Telengana

Recently the leaders of the SIO (or Students Islamic Organization) spoke out about how they felt that meagre spending in the field of education would not work to properly bring out a positive change in the status of education of the state of Telengana. They talked about how a minimal amount of about thirty percent of the total spending budget must go towards the sector of education the fulfil the needs of education in the state as well as for every section of the society. The president of the SIO Mohammed Layeeq Ahmed Khan spoke towards this end and demanded that the state government take heed.

What is being done

In a press conference held in Hanamkonda this past Thursday, Khan set out to remind the government of the findings of the Kothari Commission in 1966 which also went on to recommend a thirty percent of the total budget be spent on education and that this allocation has since never been met. He also maintained that the government had not since found any way or even a plan to go forward with their proposed project of waiving fees for education from KG to PG level as they had once mentioned, he called them out as simply makers of populist statements and schemes that they had no intention of following through on, even after it having been three years since the formation of Telengana State.

He demanded that a vision document be presented regarding the KG to PG education programme in the coming budget session for the state. He expressed that spending the current amount of 10 percent on education is simply insufficient and would not address any of the issues that have plagued Education in the state. He also expressed his concern that this would go on to harm the state’s progress and development in the long run and simply hinder it’s growth as well as that of students of every section of the community.

Funding that has been placed and marked for education has increased in this budget however the government has not been able to deliver on its promise of a ‘Golden Telengana’ when it comes to the education sector. This is primarily because of its lacklustre attitude towards spending in this sector and critics are pointing this out as them having no long-term vision for the sector and instead, simply relying on short term, populist moves to drive them forward for the time being.

Khan was also concerned about the wellbeing of students who are currently living in social welfare hostels as they lack even the most basic of amenities such as clean water for drinking or even hygienic living conditions.  This would definitely have an effect on their health primarily and thus leading to poor performance academically. This dismal and frankly appalling lack of concern by the government for such students must change if the state is to thrive going forward. He urged the government to form a committee in the cabinet to look into the condition of these hostels and work out separate funds which would be specifically allocated towards improving the infrastructure and facilities provided at these hostels.


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