Japan Invites Indian Students for Prestigious Exchange Programme

Applications from students of India have been invited by the Japanese Embassy in India for the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JEY) Programme. This is a unique programme which is the first of its kind between India and Japan. Being an amazing opportunity of young Indian graduates of college, the JET programme puts the Indian students in the driver’s seat assisting  in international exchange as well as education in foreign languages across the Nation of Japan in either the capacity of an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) or a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR).

The JET Programme, which was founded by the government of Japan in 1987 with the aim of aiding in the promotion of the internationalization of rural parts of Japan, is now a mature programme for the nation who has conducted the exchange with several nations in the past. In fact the JET programme started off including no more than one hundred participants, those days are however are far in the past as now the programme has since grown to be one of the largest of its type in the world. A massive cultural exchange programme, JEY now has more than 4,000 participating students currently as well as a massive Alumni base of over 60,000 individuals.

What the Programme Offers

The participants in the JET programme travel to the nation of Japan as official representatives from their own nations. In this capacity, they play a very integral role in helping in the promotion of internationalization as well as global understanding at the grassroots level in the country. Now this year, in 2017, for the first time ever JET would be recruiting members to its participation team and thus into its prestigious ranks for the first time from India. A candidate who meets the necessary requirements can apply to either the ALT position or to that of a CIR, however he or she may apply to only one of the two positions and not both.

ALTs may expect to be generally a part of local boards of schooling and education or junior high, elementary or even senior high school. The ALTs who are selected from India for the first time this year would be placed in the Hyogo Prefecture of India. A CIR would be assigned and placed in one of the many international exchange departments or even on of the bureaus of the contracting organizations of the same in the country. The CIRs who are selected this time from India would go on to be placed in the Toyama Prefecture in the countryside of Japan.

The applicants to be CIRs must have either been born in Andhra Pradesh or be currently living there, or have lived there in the past. The deadline for the application process in the 7th of March 2016. The initial stage of the process of screening candidates which is basically a written application would then be conducted between the months of March and April over a period to be announced later on. The secondary stage of the process of screening, which would take place in the form of Interviews will also take place during this period of time for the selected candidates who clear the first round.



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