Why is It Critical to Get Health Insurance?

Insurance is something which needs protection from any possibilities. There are several important things in our life which need protection but above all it is our own health which requires complete care and total protection from any unforeseen negative possibilities. Health insurance is a necessity for every individual. It provides all the expenditure that an unforeseen medical emergency necessitates.

Why health insurance is doubly important?

Presently medical charges of any sort are too high in the country. In most families, individuals in India do not opt for health insurance and they face tremendous pressure financially for paying the different sorts of bills like hospital charges, doctor charges, medicines etc. The concept of health insurance is not too old in India and people are gradually becoming aware of this concept and its importance in their lives.

Medi claim is often the term used for health insurance and it is something that each and every individual should invest in. The earlier one gets health insurance, the better for him/her! When people are working, they can curb extra expenditures and invest around 25% of the same in insurance but someone who has retired or is about to retire will face difficulties. On top of that, there are several companies who have varying rules as to insurance eligibility and terms and conditions. As a result, you should go for insurance at the earliest.  

The process of getting insurance

Health Insurance is something which everybody needs today irrespective of their age, income etc. Health insurance covers all expenses including doctor’s fees, medical tests, costs of ambulances, hospital charges and also post hospitalization charges which include doctor fees, tests etc. There are several companies today in India like Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard etc who provide health insurance. The process of getting heath insurance is quite simple. Usually all companies provide the space to renew the policy after a year and one needs to pay a certain amount to get insured. Often these companies have the best listed hospitals under them and one can get absolutely cashless service. The individual then does not have to pay the hospital charges, room charges, surgery charges, tests charges and so on since everything from A to Z is paid by the company. By any chance if the hospital is not listed under the company, then one has to pay the charges and then approach the insurance company and submit all the original papers.  By doing this, the individual will get back the money spent till then. This process is known as Reimbursement.

Thus it can be seen that health insurance provides several benefits to the insurer and it is critical for everyone to get a health insurance plan done. This ensures avoidance of a major financial crisis whenever anyone or his/her family gets hospitalized on account of any severe illness or other mishap.  


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