British Council to Give Out Scholarships Worth 1 Million Pounds to Indian Students

The Great Britain Scholarships – Indian 2017 were announced as a part of a campaign built to attract students from India by the British Council. A total of a hundred and ninety-eight scholarships which range in subjects all the way from design and art right to management, law and engineering have been put on offer for any student wishing to pursue their studies in the United Kingdom. This was clearly stated by the Director of the British Council for South India Mei-kwei Barker on Monday to reporters in the city of Hyderabad, Telengana.

The scholarships are broken down as twenty-nine being offered to undergraduate aspirants and a hundred and sixty-nine being offered to students at the post graduate level. These would again, be provided in law, engineering, management and design. The Director went on to say that the United Kingdom is providing a truly global experience in education for these applicants and that currently there are over five lakh students from overseas studying in the UK.

What is being done

In Hyderabad on Tuesday, the 7th of February ‘Study UK: Discover You’, which is an exhibition specifically for aspirants who want to know further about the opportunities for education in the United Kingdom, will be held by The British Council. Those who are visiting this exhibition will be given the distinct opportunity of talking directly with representations hailing from more than twenty of the UK’s top universities to have all their queries answered regarding the choice of course, the visa process, the application process, the opportunities for scholarships as well as a whole lot more.

A mobile app, by the name ‘Study UK Discover You Exhibition 2017’, has been also launched for the exhibition sharing the same name by the British Council specifically in India. This was done with the aim to help those interested parents as well as students to be able to plan their visit to the exhibitions of an educational nature with ease, effectiveness and intuitiveness, as per the Director.

In reaction to a question regarding the lack of recognition of the UK’s Master’s programme, whose duration is only one year, in India, Barker went on to talk about how the courses in the United Kingdom are far more intense and rigorous than what people have come to expect elsewhere. She spoke about how these Master’s courses are accepted across the globe and also about the fact that the British Council is able to, through it’s ties with the government of the UK, able to influence them to talk and work things out with the Indian Government to bring these courses into recognition. The private industry, as well as the rest of the world, do however, fully recognise these courses without any reservation.

This move to broadly engage foreign students in education programmes within the UK is one of the first of its kind in the country since the Brexit debacle of last year which left the world wondering if this would lead to closed doors in terms of opportunities for overseas students to join the UK for purposes of education. However, it seems that the major political shifts in the nation have had little to no effect on the scholastic programmes and ideals of the country.


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