E-paathsala, A Revolutionary Software and Technology Solution of Higher Education Institutions

A start-up based out of Bangalore, called E-paathsala, recently launched an end to end, first of its kind, integrated ERP and accreditation software and technology solution to manage the backend for both universities as well as colleges. This solution would have an extensive support for several accreditation standards bodies including the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and many more. These accreditations are extremely critical for colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning in their quest to bolster their standards of education, improve the enrolment of students and also to a great degree grant them access to more funds.

What it Does

An institution of higher learning, on using E-paathsala’s ERP solution, receives an auto-generated report on accreditation which would include all the gaps as well as suggestions which aim to better the institute and earn it higher grades in terms of accreditations. The ERP solution developed helps colleges and university improve their management systems as well as compliance with standards of accreditation. The end product is one that aligns the institutions’ process flows in accordance with the standards and benchmarks through a complete ERP solution which finally improves the operational efficiency.

IQAC work flow, Accounting and Fees Management, Accreditation Management, Student Management, PO-CO attainment for students, Admission Management, SWOT analysis, Learning Management System, Hostel and Class Management, Student Management, Library Management, Transport Management, Alumina Management and Placement management are the most important modules of the ERP technology.

Using E-paathsala, institutions may prepare simultaneously for several accreditations due to the nature of the solution which caters to this plethora of accreditations.  A panel with expertise in Academic Auditing, Administrative Auditing, Gender and Diversity Auditing, as well as academic road mapping with prospective plans is part of the company’s solution which provides customers with External Quality Assurance.

The company through its ERP solution provides a king of international advisory for the transformation of higher education while collaborating with the international educational community. In doing so it provides E-paathsala is providing strategic mentoring as well as guidance to institutes of every kind to achieve higher levels of transparency, navigation of change and the driving of efficiencies.

The Founder and Director of E-paathsala, Suman Nandy, spoke about how the previous system was time consuming due to it being manual in nature. He said that his company would help educational institutions earn their accreditations in a much easier, more efficient and quick manner, which is spurned on by the latest in technology advancements.

E-paathsala initially only provided universities and colleges with accreditations. However, now it has become an all-encompassing ERP solution which builds-in management of accreditations across several standards of accreditation. A virtual IQAC assistant is also being launched by the company which would help these institutions in automation of their IQAC workflow along with verification of the required documents for the process of accreditation. In doing this the solution manages the documentation for each and every department and team in the institution.

E-paathsala, with its customer base of more than 400 customers along with its target to bring in over 10,000 in the next 3 years, recognizes that each institution has a unique set of process flows and practices. Keeping that in mind they also recognize the importance of aligning those processes and practices to the global best practices and benchmarks along with the standards of accreditation.


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