Rinse & Repeat – 10 Tips To Keep Your Clothes Fresh As A Daisy!

Why are your whites not as white as those in the advertisement of your favorite detergent? Losing your sleep over your favorite white shirt gone pale? Read on to find simple hacks that can lend a new brighter life to your clothes. Clean, bright laundry has more to do with the technique you use, than with your choice of cleaning agents or equipment.


Read on to discover the top ten tips which can ensure that your laundered clothing stays clean and damage-free even if you wash them frequently in a washing machine:

  1. Sort your pile of laundry by color and fabric
    Anyone who has handled laundry before knows that the whites should be separated from the deeply colored fabrics. What you should also know is that even light colors can spread to white clothes. It is advisable to wash your whites separately. Resist the urge to sneak in that grey t-shirt to be sure that your whites stay sparkling white. Separating natural fabrics from synthetic clothing is a great idea too. Different materials have different drying speeds, and this will ensure your favorite clothes are washed optimally. Avoid washing towels, blankets, and napkins with apparel as they produce a lot of lint.


  1. Do not use too much detergent
    Ever wondered what those white patches on your freshly laundered clothes are? In all probability, they are the residue of excess soap. Too much detergent or fabric softener sticks to the dirt, instead of removing it, leaving unsightly stains on your clothes. Hence, excess detergent can make your clothes dirtier.
  1. Let your laundry soak for a few hours
    Pre-soaking is a technique which was popular even before washing machines were invented. Across the world, housekeepers soaked their laundry overnight. While using a washing machine, pre-soak your clothes with detergent and bleach (if required) to ensure complete dirt removal. Your clothes will come out much cleaner and brighter, without any extra effort. If the machine does not have a pre-soak/pre-wash function, simply soak your clothes in a bucket before you wash them.
  1. Allow the detergent to dissolve
    For more efficient cleaning, let your detergent completely dissolve in the water before adding the soiled clothes. If you are adding detergent to the dispenser in a washing machine, making a solution instead of adding powder does the trick. You could even opt for liquid detergents which leave no residue on the clothes.
  1. Make your white clothes super bright
    Here are a few tips for making your whites even brighter. Use the hottest water settings when washing whites, and add ½ cup of lemon juice which is a natural bleach for clothes. Add laundry bleach to your whites only after the washing mode has been active for about 5 minutes. Optical brighteners, or bluing agents, can be poured directly on your clothes or used through the dispenser. Consider mixing your bluing agent with water before using it.


  1. Use dishwasher detergents
    Surprisingly, detergents used in dishwashers are an effective cleaning and brightening agent, especially when you are washing children’s socks and underwear. A couple of teaspoons should be enough to get the work done.
  1. Don’t overload your machine
    Fill around 3/4th of the washing space with clothes. The cleaning action in any washing machine involves dynamic movement to dislodge dust particles. If the load is too much, the washer will not have enough space to do its work.
  1. Prevent fading colors
    Make sure your favorite clothes retain their brightness by adding a teaspoon of salt to the detergent for the first wash. You can also preserve the color of darker clothes by turning them inside out before washing them.


  1. Fight those tough stains and spots
    Hydrogen Peroxide is an effective cleansing agent and helps remove spots and stains from your clothes. Half cup each of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, along with 1 cup of water, work like magic on collars and other areas prone to staining.
  1. Give a bath to your washing machine
    Although it is a task which is frequently overlooked, cleaning your washing machine regularly is imperative. Run your machine with white vinegar or non-chlorinated laundry bleach and select the hottest water settings to clean the tub.

Choosing the right cleaning agent and cleaning your washing machine regularly can do wonders for the longevity and quality of your clothes. Keep these handy tips in mind when doing your laundry, and you’re sure to be neatly turned out at all times! However, in case your weekdays are busy with tons of office work and your weekend is jam-packed with day-outs and dinner parties with friends, you can choose professional laundry services at Quikr and leave your laundry woes to us.

10 Easy Hacks For Cleaner, Brighter Clothes
Article Name
10 Easy Hacks For Cleaner, Brighter Clothes
Why are your whites not as white as those in the advertisement of your favorite detergent? It is probably because clean laundry has more to do with the technique you use, than with your choice of cleaning agents or equipment.

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