Madhya Pradesh will Evaluate 78 lakh Students on their Academic Achievements

A three-day campaign for the evaluation of the academic achievements of 78 lakh students in Madhya Pradesh by the School Education department of the state will be underway from today in Madhya Pradesh for grades 1 to 8.

A public relations department official mentioned that the evaluation of these 78 lakh students who are pursuing their studies in the state-run 1.14 lakh schools from classes one to eight would be conducted. The official went on to say that the campaign would conclude on the 20th of January.

How it is being done

The progress in capabilities based on subjects as well as more simple learning would be evaluated during this period. Each school would be authenticated in terms of the evaluation by a verification officer who would be present. Unique and interesting content based questions have been prepared by the state’s School Education department specifically for this year’s evaluation.

A Bal-Sabha, to which parents would also be invited, would be organised on the third day preceded by the subject based evaluation of the large number of students on the first two days of the evaluation, as informed by the official.

Cultural activities, Sports events as well as numerous other activities would be organized for the students all in the presence of their parents. The officer ensured that there would be complete participation in any and all of the activities being conducted as a part of the Bal-Sabha.

In way of making the Pratibha-Parva evaluation campaign serve in accord with international standards and practices for such evaluations as well as with the criteria laid down by the National Achievement Survey of India, the event is being conducted in its initiation with a simple ‘sample study’. This study would take into account the subjects of Mathematics, Science, Hindi and Environmental studies for grades three, five and eight along with the support of UNICEF.

Over Sixty primary schools and an equal number of middle schools from each and every district in the state have been selected for this study, as per the officer’s words. He went on to say that the data collected relating to the students of these sample schools will be carried out at the state level by several experts in the field.

In the basis of these reports by the expert panel, there will be an undertaking of several policy decisions and shift moving towards the upgradation and improvement of the quality of education in future years for the state of Madhya Pradesh. An audit of the analysis and policies will be conducted by UNICEF as well.


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