5 Reasons Why Distance Learning Is The Way To Go

“Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and welcome Dr. Qualified Kumar, B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, M.Phil, MSc and PhD, onto the dais.”

You’ve probably heard an introduction like that; maybe you dreamt of one day completing a plethora of degrees yourself.

Well, now your dream just took a realistic turn thanks to the boom of distance learning. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider going for distance education.Maybe you make up your mind to get back to college and reach your goal. But after getting married, having two kids, putting in hours of work at your office, and a whole bunch of other stuff, it’s not possible to go to college and get another degree.




Bendable (Your Schedule) Like Beckham

Flexible class schedules. This should be enough of a reason to study using distance learning.

You won’t have to worry about reaching a class on time, or ensuring that your shirt is properly ironed. Distance learning offers you the luxury of learning from wherever you are.

You will be able to sneak in a lecture during those breaks at work, or while your child is asleep.

Easy On Your Bank Account You will also be able to study at your own pace. You could go racing ahead with your study materials without having to wait for the rest of your class. Not only do you control your pace, you are in charge of which sections you need to spend more time on.

Distance education courses are generally not as costly as traditional learning. This is a key advantage for those of us who have dreamt of holding a degree from an American college (the Indian Dream).

On average, a credit hour through distance learning from a decent american institute would cost roughly $750 (Rs. 50,666). And the only expense you’ll have to take care, apart from whatever you’re paying for now, is your tuition or course fee.A credit through traditional learning costs would come up to around $1500 (Rs.1,01,370). Apart from tuition fees you’d also have to take care of accommodation, food, travel expenses, health insurance and other expenses.

Why Stay Local? Make International Friends

Despite the fact that you’d be sitting alone studying, you will have ‘classmates’. Most of the universities provide a facility for the students who have are undertaking the course to interact with each other as well with their professors and faculty.

The University of California, Berkeley offers video, audio and web conferencing tools for their students to interact with each other. Students are also given group assignments and projects which facilitates a relationship between them.

Choice Of Your Preferred Faculty 
These facilities ensure that you not only have classmates who could help or who you could help, but also build contacts with people from all around the world.

Remember that one staff member you just despised and wished you could replace with your favourite professor? Well, you wouldn’t have that issue if you could choose your choice of faculty, right?

Most elite institutions offer this option for distance learners. You can choose which professors’ lectures you want to ‘attend,’ as well as which classes you want credits for.

The Ability To Study At So Many Different Institutions

This might’ve happened to you: a particular class you want to attend isn’t available in your institution, but is available elsewhere. That’s where transferring of credits comes in.

Most colleges accept credits from another college. So it’s possible for you to choose a class from another institution, get the credit and transfer it to the institution from where you will be getting your degree.

This gives you more flexibility over your choice of subjects and is easy to do through distance education.

With these advantages, why would you ever want to leave your room? Distance learning is the new way to play, and it’s here to stay!

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