Is Distance Learning for You? Know What You’re Signing Up for

Distance Learning often isn’t given the credit it’s due. Our twisted perception of what it is and what it isn’t has made the general opinion of Distance Learning predominantly negative. If you’re considering a DL course, here are a few tips.





Distance Learning is a self-explanatory term.

It literally means what it says, in that it allows learners to pursue the courses of their choice from an entirely different location. In that sense, it allows distant learning and eliminates the need for the student to be physically present in a ‘real’ classroom.

Today, in this technologically driven world, it’s become easier and more fun to opt for distant learning, and this explains the rise in so many students opting for DL. With more advancements being made so quick, studying via a computer online may be the preferred choice for a majority in the near future.

Why Distant Learning?

There is the obvious benefit of not having to physically attend classes and lectures, but the needs for distance learning go beyond that. Distance Learning is especially useful to those who work full-time jobs, have a family to support, and often have a lot of other responsibilities and time constraints that normal students probably do not.

It also allows you to work at your own pace, and learn items as and when it is convenient for you. Besides that, it is also a lot more affordable and avoids any setbacks, due to it being online. There’s also the added benefit of not shifting your entire life into another city or country for the duration of the course.

Some Disadvantages

The benefits may seem fitting and worth the risk, however, there are certain disadvantages that you need to be aware of when opting for a distance learning alternative.

The immediate disadvantage is that you will be missing out on the chance to build meaningful and lasting relationships with your peers and lecturers. Well, unless you take full advantage of the virtual classroom and use it to get in touch with classmates and instructors.

Another factor that concerns a lot of people: self discipline, specifically the lack it. If you’re concerned about this, get proactive about finding a virtual classmate with whom you can form an effective working partnership, holding each other accountable for their studying for the day.

What Course Should You Pick?

If you’re considering a distance learning course, then it is of utmost importance that you pick a course that gives you exactly what you need. However, before you pick a course and get started, there are a few things to keep in mind before opting for distance learning.

There are many different kinds of courses you can choose from. The latest one being MOOCs, which expands to Massive Open Online Courses. These are courses in various fields and subfields offered by prestigious universities, and are free and open to everyone. All the materials are provided online, and some even issue certificates.

There are also courses that allow you to physically interact with lecturers and other students and peers from time to time through meetings and pop quizzes. Some are purely conducted online, and yet others actually send you solid study material at your doorstep for you to learn from.

It is, therefore, imperative that you know what course you wish to go for and why you are opting for that course. Most Distant Learning courses are done with the purpose of adding to experience and also opening up more employment opportunities. Keep in mind your purpose for opting for a DL course and you won’t have any difficulty in picking one.

A Distance Learning course will give you a whole new experience, and if you’re ready for the challenge then go ahead and take it on!

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