NIA Pune to Host a Seminar on “Life Insurance In The Digital Era”

The National Insurance Academy (NIA), Pune, is organizing a seminar at their campus on “Life Insurance In The Digital Era” on the 12th and 13th of January 2017. This year’s seminar happens to be the 18th one in a series of annual seminars held in honor of the late Sir C. D. Deshmukh, India’s Finance Minister during the course of 1950 to 1956.




About the Seminar: Life Insurance In The Digital Era

This year’s seminar will deal with technology trends that will have an effect on the insurance industry, such as this year’s demonetization drive. Essentially, the seminar will cover the changes in the world of insurance in this digital age.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • The impact of technology on product design and pricing
  • The impact of technology on the distribution of life insurance products
  • The impact of technology on processes and operations
  • The impact of technology on insurers, their bottom line, and the sustainability of business
  • The impact of technology on delivering value to customers

Who Sir C. D. Deshmukh Was

Sir C. D. Deshmukh was more than just the finance minister of India, or the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India.

Apart from awards like the esteemed Ramon Magsaysay Foundation’s Award for Distinguished Government Service, his legacy also includes his role in nationalizing Indian insurance, paving the way for the Life Insurance Corporation on 1st September 1956.

What The C. D. Deshmukh Memorial Seminar Is

This is an annual seminar conducted in memory of Sir C. D. Deshmukh. This 18th iteration will be organised by the NIA (National Insurance Academy) at their campus in Balewadi, Pune. This seminar is conducted on funds generated by the Life Insurance Corporation of India, which is considered the legacy of the honoree.

The seminar will be in English, and will be conducted through 2 days (12th, 13th January ‘17). Delegate fees will include course material and residential accommodation.




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