Government in Delhi to Revamp Teacher Education

A decision was taken by the Delhi Government to upgrade the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) and District Institutes of Education Training (DIETs). These institutes play a key role in monitoring the education of teachers in the country.

A high level meeting was conducted in the presence of Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Manish Sisodia along with other committee members to make this decision.


What they do

These institutes were formed in the late 1980’s, and have organised numerous programmes which include pre- service and in-service education for teachers, and have helped support school education in Delhi. They have also helped develop curriculum and material for teachers and students and have undertaken research studies with respect to problems related to school education in Delhi.

The Delhi Government has decided to increase the number of faculty positions in SCERT and DIET, this decision was taken as a part of the changes to be incorporated in these institutes. The idea is to increase the current faculty presence, which is 240 and upgrade it to 600.

An upgrade in pay scales and qualification has also been discussed by the Delhi Government. This will help attract highly qualified individuals from all over the country, and help improve the education standards of schools in Delhi.

Manish Sisodia stated that a decision has been taken to open 2 more DIETs in Delhi. He also stated that all DIETs will offer Diploma in Pre-School Education courses and B.Ed courses in three DIET institutes.

The restructuring process will be carried out under the supervision of experts from SCERT will follow the schemes on teacher education set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.


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