Online Learning Gaining More Popularity in India

India has recorded a growth of 50 % in online learning in 2016. A report stated that the most sought-after skills in the country were technology and English.

According to the online provider of courses from top universities, Coursera, 70 % of the 10 most popular courses on their platform are related to technology. This is followed by English courses for career development.

More on the news

Out of the 23 million learners registered on Coursera globally, 1.8 million are from India. This figure puts the country second to the USA as the largest base of online learners.

In a release, Coursera said that, comparing with the registrations in 2015, the online learning platform has seen a 50 % increase in the number of users who have registered; this is especially seen among technology courses.

Chief Business Officer of Coursera, Nikhil Sinha, stated that, out of the top 10 courses that Indians have chosen, 7 are focussed on technology. He said that this is not a surprise considering the significant role that the IT industry in the country plays, employing over 13 million citizens.

Sinha added that in the near future, it will be exceedingly common to have learnt from online courses and have credentials; job roles requiring specific skills will consider these credentials.

About Coursera

As an education-focussed company with an online platform, Coursera offers courses and virtual learning experiences from some of the world’s top education institutes and universities that include Stanford University, University of Virginia, University of Pennsylvania, ISB and Duke University, among others.


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