SCERT to Revolutionise Education in India

Knowledge can be imparted from one individual to another through various modes and it is essential for these modes to keep evolving for effective delivery. The education system in our country has often been criticised for using an orthodox delivery system and is now gearing up for change. The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has taken the initial steps to bring about a revolution in our educational system.


Refined Education

The SCERT has developed a new software named ‘Online In-service Teacher Capacity-building Programme’. This new software is designed to help teachers develop a better understanding of their respective subjects. In the first month of its incorporation, fifty mathematics teachers and seventy mentors from various schools operating under the Directorate of Education will be trained.

The SCERT aims at training over fifty thousand teachers. The programme will also incorporate topic based learning and these topics will be chosen from text books. The Education Secretary Punya Salila Srivastava believes that the uniqueness and flexibility of this programme will enhance a teacher’s knowledge, competency and efficiency. This will help teachers deliver their subjects in a better manner and will help students develop their critical thinking which is crucial to the learning process.

The entire training programme will be carried out in a single sitting for a duration of eight hours. The objective of the training is also to improve teacher-to-teacher communication and to enhance delivery to the students. This is one of many steps that will be taken to improve our education system.


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