Importance of Good Education Recognised by CJI

Justice TS Thakur, the Chief Justice of India, spoke about the requirement for education in order for the society to be emancipated. He was in Jammu on Saturday and said that education is the only means for progress and, without it, a society can achieve nothing. Justice Thakur was visiting his alma mater Central Basic Higher Secondary School and took a tour of the campus, reminiscing about his schooldays.

More About the Announcement

He stressed on the importance of education as well as extra-curricular activities that a school hosts in a student’s complete development. He quoted his own life as an example and said that the skills he learnt in school like public speaking, declamation and debating helped him in the future to become a lawyer and then a judge.

The CJI stated that, when it comes to education, zero compromises should be made and that the neglected state of schools even after the commendable progress in half a century saddens him. This plight is not suffered by only one educational institution but in several schools; he said that these schools need to be upgraded with smart classrooms, labs with latest equipment, talented teachers and digital libraries in order to make sure the students achieve maximum knowledge and growth. Many students are shaped into successful professional persons while still in the school, said Justice Thakur, and added that these schools ate not just a state’s heritage but are also extremely important in the development scenario. Significant efforts must be made to make sure these fine schools don’t eventually become commercial complexes or parking lots.

The CJI expressed his hope that, in the state, the education’s outlook will change owing to the actions that the government has taken in the last few years. The lead role played by teachers on a student’s development needs to be recognised and their contribution should be acknowledged. One Priya Sethi requested that the CJI take the school under his patronage and, to this, he responded by saying that he will make every effort to give back to his alma mater. He said he’ll do everything he can to develop the school that shaped him.

Currently in Jammu and Kashmir

Abdul Haq Khan, J&K Law Minister, spoke on the occasion and said that necessary actions are being taken and efforts being made to bring the state’s schools on an equal level with the national standards. He stated that the fact that an eminent alumnus like the Chief Justice of India visited a school here acts as a motivation for students to take schoolwork more seriously and see that education paves way for them to achieve their dreams through hard work and dedication.


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